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Thread: need support & encouragement weaning 1 yr old

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    Thanks for posting this! I never even thought to put whole milk in a bottle. I keep trying to get my LO to try it in a sippy cup. He only takes a sip and I want to see how he can handle it. I may try putting it in a bottle now and seeing if he will drink it! Then at least I can tell daycare and my parents that he can drink it!

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    Default Re: need support & encouragement weaning 1 yr old

    Just wanted to jump in and say that I pump weaned at a year with my babies, and continued breastfeeding after - like you I was very ready to be DONE with the pumping but nursing is actually even more enjoyable once you don't have all the stress of pumping and worrying about meeting baby's needs for expressed milk! I did have some extra in the freezer which initially my LO drank in a bottle, then switched to a sippy cup as she got better with that. I think it makes sense to stick with the bottle for the EBM until LO is good with the cup, to avoid wasting the breastmilk simply because LO is not into drinking from the cup yet. Anyway, that was just my approach.

    Also, I don't think anybody has mentioned that your LO does not necessarily need to drink as much cow's milk as she previously drank breast milk. After a year solids intake increases and milk intake (whether from the breast or animal's milk) decreases. So if you are nursing baby between 3 and 5 times/24 hours you don't need additional cow's milk, though it's fine to give it; and other dairy like yogurt and cheese can serve as part of baby's "dairy" intake as well.

    One thing that has been interesting to me is how the attitudes of the people around me towards toddler breastfeeding have changed as my own attitude changed. With my third baby I started spending time here on the forums and it really normalized the idea of toddler breastfeeding to me. So now we are still going strong at 2 years and some of the close/important people in my family's life (my mom and our nanny) are much more positive about it than they were with the first two.

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