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Thread: weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

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    Default weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

    I am in rather desperate need of advice about my almost 2yo. This kid loves to nurse, and though he eats three meals and snacks like a champ, he never turns down an opportunity to nurse. He can make it most of the day without nursing if the opportunity doesn't present itself; i.e. if we are out and about or if I manage not to sit down in the same room as him. He also sleeps with us and nurses pretty consistently through the night.
    I have a three day, two night camping trip coming up at the end of May for school, and while I am technically allowed to bring the kids, I can't see actually learning anything if I am chasing a toddler around the whole time. So...do I wean him? I don't exactly want to wean...nursing him is pretty easy and I see the benefits (though I wouldn't mind night weaning!). However, I get plugged ducts really frequently, like if I miss a few feedings, or, well, still not sure all the causes. I have probably had at least one a week for the last month or two.
    So, I think if i skipped three days of nursing, I'd end up paying for it. But I don't have a pump and while I have no problem hand expressing, I'm not sure how I would manage while out in the woods with classmates. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!

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    Default Re: weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

    With my guys, at that stage of things, I would take those opportunities to just disappear for a while. I found they didn't really notice, and that was how I knew they were ready for me to back off more. The plugged duct problem is more difficult though. I get them earlier on in baby's journey if I skip a couple of feeds with a good sleeper. I would suggest hand expressing, but it may be awkward to find quiet space to do so. Could you ask your prof if there will be times in the day that you could sneak way or if he/she thinks it would be too difficult?

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    Default Re: weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

    with the PP.

    Managing pumping breaks in the woods is something you want to talk to your professor about. But I don't see it as a huge problem- everyone is going to have to go off into the bushes at some point over the course of the day to handle bodily functions. You might need to take a bit longer than most, but whatever!

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    Thank both of yall for your advice! I didn't know why I didn't just think of asking my professor and/or using my bathroom breaks wisely Thank yall again!

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    Default Re: weaning almost 2yo...maybe?

    They do sell inexpensive hand pumps that might make it a little easier for you. I have the Medela one and love it for outings where my double electric would be inconvenient or impossible.
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