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Thread: Please help! Slow weight gain + loss in breastfed newborn

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    Thanks for your response! Since the vaccinations, stopping the Zantac, and trying to introduce neocate are all happening at the same time, I wasn't sure what to pin it on (maybe all of the above!), but I will definitely make sure to report it. When I spoke to the ped today, she thought he was maybe just pissed about the neocate. The shots were on Wednesday, the GI appt/blood draw on Thursday, and this is just happening today (Saturday). He had neocate for the first time yesterday. We have not supplemented with formula since very early on.

    I guess I am more concerned about milk production now because his labs were consistent with the nutritional status of not getting enough calories. It seemed like I was making enough and I thought 4 oz/week might be normal at his age, but perhaps he wasn't demanding enough due to reflux or a deficiency? It seems as though I would need oversupply for him to get more than he is demanding? I agree, I am worried about catching up. It sounds like the GI doc will want more testing if he doesn't gain enough.

    And of course, now I am extra worried about my supply because of supplementing and now refusal to nurse. And I'm sure the stress isn't helping.

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    And sorry to hear about your 4 month vax experience! So scary.

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    Ok so it sounds like this was a very difficult week!

    I think low production has to be considered whenever a baby is not gaining, of course. But it is not the ONLY reason a baby might not gain or get enough to eat. I am sorry I do not have the knowledge to understand what significance the labs have. I do know that low iron can sometimes be linked to loss of cord blood at birth (Cords are usually cut 'too soon' in hospital births.)

    How much each day is baby supposed to be supplemented? Yes, if you are supplementing it is important to pump, and then I wonder if you can request that baby be supplemented with your own milk instead of (or as well as) the neocate?

    Bottom line a baby is not going to eat more than a baby wants to eat. If baby is bottle fed supplements, it might mean baby nurses less. So it is important to take steps to counteract that when supplements are given. With no other underlying issues, Your milk should certainly have enough calories for baby to gain assuming baby is getting enough milk. As far as a nutritional deficiency causing baby to not want to eat, that would be an issue no matter how or what your baby was fed, so while it might cause low production, it does not, on it's own, indicate low milk production.

    I know tests are really hard-my oldest had to have several blood draws as a baby & toddler and it was awful. But more testing is not the end of the world. If there is something preventing baby from gaining normally, you want to know what that might be, right? I guess I am saying that it sounds to me as if you have always acted with appropriate concern, have acted in good faith, and taken the steps that made sense to you in making sure your baby was getting enough to eat. And while your baby's gain has been slow, her development otherwise has been on target, correct? FTT is a really tough diagnoses to hear and can make a mom feel really bad, and that never helps. You can look at this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of what is going on and correct any issues, or you can look at it as the opinion of one doctor. But I suggest don't let this undermine your confidence as a mother. You know your baby best.

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    I rented and have been pumping with a medela symphony, which is way better, and replaced the neocate supplements with EBM, although initially the GI doc wanted us to mix it (we did) and he reacted terribly, with blood in his stool. I got my labs back and my thyroid, etc. is all normal. Despite a 10 oz gain in 2 weeks after shots, supplement refusal, and a nursing strike, the GI doc was not happy and put in an order for a sweat test and ordered more weight checks (ugh, because she and my ped both wanted more weight checks and these are separate visits with consistently long waits).

    After inquiring about a possible tongue/lip tie issue with 4 different pediatricians, 3 lactation consultants, and a GI specialist and being dismissed, I researched a well versed ENT and begged my ped for a referral so I could have peace of mind.

    Turns out he had a posterior tongue tie! We had it clipped two days ago and I already hear twice as many swallows than before, with less hiccups and spitting up. I am also trying to get an appointment with an infant CST. And am switching doctors (honestly, it is also about seeing someone less busy & close to home as much as it is about being frustrated that this could have possibly been taken care of 4 months ago). I understand they are hard to diagnose, but I trusted them when they said he didn't have an issue and feel sort of burned. . I looked at what this can cause and he suffered from so many things on the list.

    I am honestly surprised we have done as well as we have with this issue. Although I am happy we found it, I now feel like I have to start over. I am on a pretty strict elimination diet, so am hoping to try to work stuff back in. I am also wondering if he will continue to need Zantac after we get things back on track. After all of the different supplementing and struggles, I am afraid he has a negative association with feeding. I am still supplementing with breast milk because his tongue seems sore and I am sure my supply will need to go up. Is there anything else I can do? He has been screaming at my right breast and very fussy about positioning, but it is hard to tell if he is just sore or if it is another issue.

    Thanks again, so much. I don't know what I would do without this forum.

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