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Thread: Mucousy cough when eating solids

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    Question Mucousy cough when eating solids

    Hi! So my boy is eating solids now, and loving them. I've noticed though, that sometimes when eating he starts getting raspy sounding, and needs to cough here or there to clear some mucous out of his throat. Anyone else experienced this?

    I will try to pay attention to see if it happens with certain foods next, but first thought I'd see if it's normal for newbie solid eaters to have something like this happen. I did first notice it when he ate applesauce.

    He doesn't appear to have any adverse reactions otherwise to any foods thus far, no rashes or weird stools or gas.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: Mucousy cough when eating solids

    How old is baby and how is baby being fed? (Spoon fed, self fed, baby led, purees, little bits of food, etc.) Is baby sitting upright unassisted, or leaning back in an 'adjustable' high chair? Is baby still tongue thrusting? Any gagging?

    Are you sure it is mucous he is clearing? Is this happening WHEN eating? It's not some partially inhaled bits of food or maybe saliva?

    I think this could be normal as in my experience kids will cough and sometimes even gag a bit on food when they are learning. These are natural defenses to prevent choking and should not be ignored, but are not necessarily a problem. But what might be a problem is if baby is not quite ready for solids and his natural defenses (like the tongue thrust) is being bypassed as can sometimes happen with spoon feeding if the spoon is being placed in baby's mouth, (rather than guided in by baby, with hands, for example) or if there is some other reason baby is not able to manipulate food in the mouth so as to chew and swallow properly.

    If the food is causing excess mucous, I don't know.

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    Default Re: Mucousy cough when eating solids

    Don't know if it's related, but when we first started introducing solids (BLW), DD would make a bizarre gurgle when eating mango. Only mango. I thought she might be allergic, but she didn't display any other symptoms. Never quite figured it out but nothing bad happened either.

    A year later, she doesn't go for the mango. Hmm!
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