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Thread: block feeding and pumping

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    Exclamation block feeding and pumping

    I posted yesterday about my OS. But I do have a new question. I have to pump b/c I work. Should I use the block feeding technique while pumping too? I do know that I should be spacing out my sessions further and pump a little less leaving my breast still full but not engorged. I'm not sure if I should do just one breast at one session and the other at the next. Also I'm not getting enough of the hind milk lately and my daughter is having ALOT of belly aches b/c of it. Last night it was so bad that she didn't want to take a bottle or me. In the mornings her stools are green but as the day goes on it gets the normal mustard color. Which leads me to believe she's not getting enough fat at night. I hate seeing her so miserable and I'm guessing its just going to be this way until I get this OS under control. I'm doing a lot of research to understand the science behind breastfeeding. Which is why I'm asking a million questions. I also talk to other women in my area to get ideas. Thanks for your time.

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    Managing oversupply is an art rather than a science, right? So when you're at work, you may want to express from just one breast at a time. That would probably be the fastest way to get the oversupply to go away. But if using just 1 breast means you're in severe discomfort, then you can express a little from both breasts so that neither gets overfull. Have you tried hand expressing into a bowl or cup? That should be less stimulating to supply than pumping.

    Please don't worry about the hindmilk thing. Babies who get a lot of the so-called foremilk are not getting insufficient fat. What they are getting is a lot of extra lactose (milk sugar). That can make them gassy and maybe even uncomfortable, but it is NOT a health problem.

    Evening fussiness is really common in young babies. This link talks a bit about cluster feeding and fussy evenings: http://kellymom.com/parenting/parent...fussy-evening/. What it doesn't mention is the babies who refuse to feed in the evenings, but that's a common problem, too!

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