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Thread: Day 7 milk supply low

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    Hi just had twins 7 days ago and I wanted to exclusively breast feed. My milk has still not fully come in. I'm trying to nurse one of the babies (he was a little higher birth weight) but he is getting so frustrated and not filling up so I've had to supplement with formula. My other was low birth weight and I've been giving him formula just to get his weight up and letting him practice feed a few times a day (don't want him burning too many cals). In the meantime I've been pumping about 6 times a day (I actually decided to increase to 8 times a day). I started taking fenugreek and drinking mothers milk tea at least once a day (just added these yesterday). I'm pumping 1-1.5 ounces per pumping session. Any advice? I had preeclampsia, twins and a c section. Not sure if these things make milk come in slower. I'm so scared it will never increase to a level to feed both babies. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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    Hi and congratulations! To know if your supply is truly low you should be looking at diaper output and weight. Sometimes babies seem hungry all the time, that is just because they digest the breastmilk so easily no their stomachs are so small that they get hungry again fast. Don't worry it gets easier. Are your babies home with you or still in the hospital? How many wet diapers per day? What is the poop looking like? Have they been weighed before and after a feeding? Are they gaining weight yet?

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    How are things going now, mama?

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