New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 1, March 2014

Features: I Didn’t Expect This! What You May Not Know About the Early Postpartum Days
"Many 'little' details about this amazing time at the start of your mothering journey may not seem so little when you experience them, and you may wonder whether these are normal for you and for your baby."
Mothers' Stories: Katrina’s Breastfeeding Journey
"I started breastfeeding and it seemed to be going well. Then we got home from the hospital and my mother took over..."

"I just watched my son fall asleep at the breast for the third night in a row. He’ll be three years old in two weeks. The weaning process began months ago."
Staying Home: Managing Night Shifts
"I'm home with our two boys and my husband works nights. I often feel like a single mother since my husband spends most of his time at home sleeping.... How have other families coped with the challenges of a night shift schedule?"
Toddler Tips: Helping a Toddler Adjust to a New Baby - with responses from Forums members mommal and froggylogic
"My second baby was just born and I feel completely overwhelmed. My toddler still needs attention, I am nursing the new baby constantly, and I am exhausted... How have other mothers coped with the intense postpartum time while helping their toddlers adjust?"
Making it Work: Tips & Resources in Preparation of Going Back to Work
"Aside from introducing the bottle and pumping, I’m not really sure what I need to do to prepare for going back to work... What books, websites, and other resources have been most helpful to you?"
Focus on Fathers: The Jackson Family
"When Brittany told her husband that she wanted to breastfeed Everleigh, he didn’t know much about it but thought being able to provide free food for his daughter was a win-win situation. Scott realized later how healthy Everleigh was and that the benefits of Brittany nursing were numerous for both his wife and for his daughter."
Giving Birth: The Natural Cesarean Birth
"By thinking ahead about how you would like to deal with unexpected and often unfamiliar situations, you, your partner, or your birth attendant (a trained labor and delivery doula or midwife) will still know what your birth wishes are even in the face of a relative emergency."
US Breastfeeding Committee: Breastfeeding News from Across the Country
Eating Wisely: Seize the Day: Celebrate Food Holidays
"If you like to cook, you’ve probably exhausted your repertoire of soups, stews, crock pot wonders, and casseroles. These months are often tough for many people, and we may find ourselves longing for something to celebrate while we wait for spring to arrive."
Recipes: Chicken and Rice Casserole
Flatbread Pizza
Spinach Hummus
Book Review: The Virtual Breastfeeding Culture by Lara Audelo
"In each chapter, Audelo brings together information about a common breastfeeding concern with accompanying stories of mothers who have experienced these situations and found solutions and solace online."