My son is five weeks old. About a week ago, he had his posterior tongue tie and lip tie fixed via a laser. I have to massage the sites at each feed, which causes him pain. I do this after I breastfeed him but before I supplement him via syringe. He has never used a bottle or pacifier.

Last week, the ped told me that he has colic. He seems to have a hair trigger for crying. Unless he is practically asleep when he latches, he screams when I place him on my nipple. Nothing has changed -- we have been using nipple shields since his first week, we use the same laid back nursing position and the same nursing spot . I even tried a different position, but the end result is the same. He starts screaming when he gets close to my nipple and screams directly into it. Eventually, he calms down enough to latch on, but he tends to pull on it and bob on and off during the feeding. However, he does not cry when he bobs off or when I switch breasts.

Is this a fluke? Is he just being fussy? He barely shows hunger cues for more than a second before he melts down.