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Thread: Drop In Supply From one Day To Another

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    Unhappy Drop In Supply From one Day To Another

    I am concern for my drastic drop in milk supply from one day to another. Last night i notice that my daughter who is 6 moths was actually not swallowing but she was sucking and since she was not getting anything she would turn away, i switch breast and she was able to eat from one but not for long. it also felt like i had no milk what so ever, i thought that today would have been fine and that by the time my lunch came around i would have enough supply for her. i usually go to her daycare during my lunch to feed her but today i was not able to so instead i pumped, but i was only able to pump 2.5 oz. whenever i don't have a chance to make it down to daycare i pump around 6-8 oz. i am getting a little worried since i feel completely empty. is it normal for this to happen??

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    Default Re: Drop In Supply From one Day To Another

    Welcome to the forum!

    Big drops in supply are not uncommon, and they can happen literally overnight. Here are some potential causes:
    - mom is using a new form of hormonal contraception
    - mom is pregnant again
    - baby hasn't been nursing enough or mom hasn't been pumping enough- this is especially a problem when the baby is sleeping through the night
    - mom has a plugged duct
    - pump is malfunctioning
    - mom is stressed and anxious, and that is inhibiting her ability to let down
    - mom is mistaking a normal adjustment in supply for low supply

    Do any of the above sound like they match?

    Milk is produced on a supply = demand basis. So when you want to increase supply, the best way to do it is to increase demand. Nurse the baby more often, particularly at night if the baby has been sleeping long stretches. Pump more often, using a high-quality double electric pump with correctly sized shields. If you are unable to pump more often while on the job, try pumping after nursing when you're home with your baby.

    Some questions for you:
    - How often do you pump and how often do you nurse during the day?
    - Is baby sleeping long stretches at night?
    - Have you been nursing on just one breast at a time?
    - How much milk is baby being fed while you are working?

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