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Thread: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

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    Default 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    I started giving my now 11 month old son fruits since the age of 4 months. He likes to play with food and he is very interested in whatever we eat, but he doesn't actually swallow the food. He doesn't like mushy porridge type food. He either won't allow me near with the spoon or he spits it out after a bite or 2. So we tried to give him more chunky food (baby led weaning) and he'll chew it (he only has 2 lower teeth so far), but once it reaches the back of his throat he gags it out. He is actually very picky about what food he will take too. He loves the taste of meat, but he won't eat fruits like banana or apple. He nurses day and night and he loves his breastmilk, but I fear he needs more calories now. Any advice?

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    Default Re: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    Not to worry! Until the first birthday, a baby can stay well-nourished on breastmilk (or formula) alone. After the first birthday, babies start needing solid foods, but they don't go from needing zero solids on day 364 of life to needing a ton of them on day 365! The transition is going to be slow, with a lot of babies not eating a majority-solids diet until well into the second year of life.

    Just keep offering a variety of healthy options (don't fall into the trap of only offering things you know your child might eat), and be patient. Your baby will get there.

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    Default Re: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    A couple of my kids ate little or nothing until 14 months, and they are normal healthy kids (2yo and 6 yo now). My 6yo is still a fussy eater, but he eats well now. As a baby, he would only eat one or two bites, and spat out most things. Once he was old enough to eat peas and cheerios he did better. He never really ate mush.

    So, most likely, your LO will out grow this. I do remember DS nursing almost non-stop at times. I had to drink protein drinks to keep up with him! Then around 13 months he started to eat and by 14 months he was totally on solids and starting to wean himself. Crazy child!!

    Watch for red flags as your DS grows. If the gag reflex stays really strong, you may want to ask your doc about it. If you find a lot of other areas where he is very sensory sensitive, you may want to ask your doc.

    Most babies really do out grow this though. 11 mos is young. If it's still a big issue at 18 months, then I would be concerned.

    Right now, keep your own protein intake up, and keep his meal time happy. Try not to force him to eat or try things, but let him progress at his own pace. It's good to keep presenting foods to him even if he doesn't like them. Sometimes if a baby tries things many times, they grow to enjoy them. Try not to worry. In a few months he'll probably be eating loads of new foods.

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    Default Re: 11month old won't swallow anything other than breastmilk

    All 3 of my girls didn't really start solids until they were more than a year old. Especially DD1 who would gag on just about anything. I swear she took years off my life.

    The majority of his nutrition is still coming from breastmilk. Don't worry, it's still a perfect food for him! There's no rush, he's not eating it because he's not ready. He will when he is! So just enjoy it.
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