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Thread: Clogged Milk Duct 3.5week old baby

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    I am on antibiotics for mastitis since Friday night. I have clogged ducts and I cannot seem to get them unclogged. I've been using hot compresses, hot showers, massage, soaking my breast in a bowl of hot water before nursing, and I have her start on this side each time I feed her. I tried pumping at times I couldn't get her to latch on this side. It's hard for her when it is hard and engorged but the last 2 days she has been able to do it after several tries. When I pumped next to nothing came out. It took 3 30 minute pumping sessions to get 1oz. She finally latches quickly easily and painlessly on the left (good) side and I can hear/see her actively gulping for several minutes even tho she is eating on this side second. When she eats on the right (bad) side I barely see/hear her swallow and it's 9-12 sucks between for a small amount of time at the beginning. I'm really worried about my supply now bc barely anything is coming out when she nurses or when I pump. I assume my ducts are still clogged even though it's been several days since Thursday I think and I'm still rock hard and very tender and red on my breast. I am at a loss and so frustrated bc we had a really hard time the first couple weeks learning to latch and I had sore nipples. She finally has learned to do it and it's so easy on the left. What can I do?

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    I recommend doing castor oil compresses. It's a homeopathic solution that I found very helpful and is widely used for bouts of mastitis, clogged ducts. My IBCLC turned me on to them.
    *I omitted the plastic wrap and just held it on bc it's an awkward place to 'secure' anything on to. I didn't have time to do a full 60-90min but I didn't have too severe of a problem and it still helped me
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