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Hmm, sunburn feeling? Do you notice any color changes in the skin of the nipple after nursing? Maybe the skin turning white or purplish-blue before returning to a normal color? And did either you or baby have a recent course of antibiotics?

In a healthy, term baby, you really do not need to do vitamins. If baby was premature, an iron supplement might be a good idea, and if your baby is darker-skinned, living at a high latitude, and always indoors or covered in sunblock, a vitamin D supplement might be something you want to do. But otherwise... Routine vitamin supplementation is not a standard recommendation for healthy, term newborns. And not, IMO, a reason to do bottles.
I actually decided to do the one bottle so I could get a little sleep. Maybe it is easy for some people to just fall asleep at will, or whenever baby sleeps, or just randomly...but it isn't like that for me. With a little sleep I will have more mental clarity and be a better mom. It will be safer for us both. The bottle allows me to get a 3 hour nap and then I can take over duties again.

Regarding the pain, it is much better today. He is nursing and latching better. I think the pain I had was due to him clamping his gums before latching correctly. So far he hasn't done that since 4:00 am. I will see how it goes today.