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Thread: Weight and length percentage changes

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    Default Weight and length percentage changes

    Just looking for some reassurance here. From birth to her 2 month check R dropped from the 33rd to the 12th percentile in weight, but increased from the 32nd to the 50th in length. In weight-for-length she is only in the 3rd percentile. Her doctor wasn't worried but I am nervous. If this is going to be a problem I don't want to wait until her 4 month visit and then suddenly be in trouble. Has this happened to anyone else, where they increase in length percentile but decrease in weight?

    More info:
    She sleeps one solid 4-6 hour stretch every night but still nurses 10-12 times per day. She has probably about 12 wet and 6 soiled diapers daily. The poo varies from green-yellow to really green and sometimes looks a little watery, which makes me worry she is getting too much fore milk, but I keep reading over and over again that I shouldn't worry about that. She is meeting her other developmental milestones - holding her head up, smiling, trying to roll over, etc.

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    It's totally normal for growth to proceed at different rates in different dimensions. Sometimes a baby puts more energy into growing in height, sometimes more goes into weight. You want to see baby growing in all dimensions- height, weight, and head circumference- and not focus too much on month-to-month fluctuations in where the baby lands on the charts.

    Don't worry about the weight-for-length percentile. Some babies are apple- shaped- that is, heavy for their length- and some are lean for their length banana-shaped babies. There's nothing wrong with either body type. It's also not a bad thing to have a leaner baby/child. Having a fat baby may get you endless praise in the newborn stage- "Oh, good job mom, look at those rolls!" But later on in childhood, having a child who is at the upper end of the charts gets you nothing but pointed comments about vegetables and exercise.

    Finally, please don't worry about foremilk. It's a useful descriptive term but it's also something that causes a lot of unnecessary worry. All mill contains everything a baby needs to grow and develop, and a baby will grow well on so-called "foremilk" alone, provided she gets enough of it.

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