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Thread: First time poster - Oversupply without green stools?

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    Exclamation First time poster - Oversupply without green stools?

    Hello. I'm new here this is my first time posting. I'm having many issues that lead me to believe I have an oversupply/OALD with my 3 month old. About 30 seconds into feeding, my baby unlatches and breastmilk sprays usually for about 10 seconds. We have very fitful feeds with unlatching/relatching, crying on and off, and my baby just seems frantic. He spent his first 3 weeks in the nicu where, in addition to nursing throughout the day, I did a ton of pumping for overnight feeds so I'm wondering if that started me off on the wrong foot with supply issues. He is currently on nexium for reflux and gerber soothe probiotic. Here is a list of other reasons why oversupply might be an issue:
    1. He spits/throws up sooo much during/after every feed. We've tried all the recommendations I have heard off for this - feeding on an incline, burping frequently, holding up for 30 minutes after, etc. I even had him tested for pyloric stenosis with an ultrasound because it is sometimes projectile and came back negative. Doctors think it's normal.
    2. He has gained weight super fast (from 6 lbs at birth to 15 pounds at 3 months - actually 2 months adjusted for being a preemie)
    3. He is very gassy and has explosive poops 3-5 times per day
    4. His diaper is constantly wet or poopy.
    5. The discussed issues with frantic feeds listed above

    Here are my questions:
    1. My breasts don't Always feel super engorged/full so can I still have an oversupply?
    2. His poops aren't green - they are usually orange or yellow/brown (they used to be green more often) So can oversupply still be the problem without green poops?

    I already usually only feed from one side per feeding and he goes about 2.5
    hours between feeds during the day (longer at night). I am thinking about extending the block feedings to switching after every 2 feeds but I'm scared I will decrease my supply if oversupply doesn't sound like it's the problem without the green poops. ANY advice would be very much appreciated and thank you for reading my long post!

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    OP here I forgot to add 2 things-
    I've already done an elimination diet with all the major foods (and even less common) and have seen no difference over 2 months and I let my milk spray at the beginning of each nursing session into a towel.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Based on your post, it does sound like you have some oversupply issues going on. But probably not bad ones, because you're not seeing consistently green poops, and you're not feeling full/engorged all that often.

    I would start managing this issue by using reclined nursing positions. They can slow the milk flow to the baby, leading to less of the pulling off and fussing- which, by the way, is a totally normal reaction to fast letdowns. Baby starts to nurse and all of a sudden he's getting blasted by fast milk flow, so he pulls off and cries. They he latches back on, and either he gets upset because flow is not too slow for him, or he gets blasted again if flow is fast, and he pulls off and complains. Aside from using reclined positions, the best thing you can do is to accept that most of what you're seeing is totally normal for a young infant. Spit-up is normal and will not hurt your baby. It's a laundry issue, not a health issue. Fast weight gain won't hurt him- it's normal for a breastfed infant in early infancy, and will level out as he rounds the corner and gets towards his first birthday. Lots of pooping is also normal and won't hurt him unless he gets a diaper rash. And gas- well, get used to it. It's just part and parcel of early infancy!

    I think you're absolutely right to be cautious about block feeding. Again, it sounds like your oversupply issues are relatively minor. So I would simply continue to feed on just one breast per feeding, and give this some more time. My guess is that you will see more and more yellowish/orangish poops and fewer brownish/greenish ones, and that as your baby gets larger, stronger, and more adept at nursing, he will be less bothered by rapid letdowns. He may even come to enjoy them, and get fussy if/when they diminish!

    Basically, don't worry. Do the reclined feedings, let baby figure out how to nurse without so much fussing, and keep a big stash of towels handy for soaking up spraying milk.

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    The other thing to point out is that although oversupply and fast letdown often go together, you can have one without the other. And babies do get a lot more adept at dealing with the fast flow over time, that certainly was my experience. Here are a couple links about laid-back nursing if you haven't seen them already:

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    Thank you both so much - I will definitely try the new position. The very worst feedings are the middle of the night and first morning feedings (we usually have a nice calm feeding where my supply seems more "normal" around 7:00pm, but I'm engorged which makes for a fitful feed at 2:00am and 6:00am. Like I said, I usually only feed off one side at a time and he has been on this schedule for well over a month now an I thought my supply would have decreased overnight to match his needs by now. Is there anyway to somehow block feed just during these hours? (Although I'm not sure how that would work since he is going 7 and 4 hours between feedings? Or should I offer both breasts at these feedings so the one not being used doesn't get so engorged by the next feeding rolls around? Thanks again!

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    Block feeding is an art, not a science. It's really important to go by how you feel rather than by the clock. That means that moms need to block feed only when their oversupply is troubling them and their babies. Some moms will need to block feed all day, some will only need to do it for part of the day. So you definitely could block feed overnight and first thing in the morning. But you're already going a really long time between feeds at night and your body hasn't responded yet- which is pretty normal for a mom with a persistent oversupply problem- and it's possible that block feeding could make the unused breast get really, really uncomfortable and have a firehose letdown. Still, I don't think it would hurt to try it and see what happens. If things get worse, then go back to what you were doing before, because eventually your body will get the message that it's making too much, and will reduce production during the nighttime hours. Gotta be patient!

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