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Thread: Exercise while breastfeeding

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    Default Exercise while breastfeeding

    Will vigorous exercise have a negative effect on my supply?

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    As long as you eat enough then no, probably not. I ran a marathon when DD was 9 mos and a 50K when she was 15 mos. Didn't do anything to my supply.
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    make sure you have a good bra. You don't want anything that supports with compression, or is uncomfortable. That can affect supply or lead to plugged ducts. I personally would look for an "encapsulation" style- something that supports from the band and shoulders rather than squashing you flat.

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    And make sure you hydrate hydrate hydrate. I just started running again lo is 9 weeks and I was reminded very quickly that hydration is super important. And like pp said a good non compression bra.
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