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Thread: Blue Cross of Illinois Pump Coverage

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    Default Blue Cross of Illinois Pump Coverage

    Hey Mamas. 3 years ago I was on this forum constantly because I was breastfeed my first child and.pumping when I returned to work. I am currently pregnant with my 2nd child (a miracle baby that my husband was told he would never be able to make) and am thrilled that my health insurance will actually pay for the rental of a hospital grade breast pump. The problem I am having is finding a local supplier who offers the rental options. Does anyone have any experience with with my insurance company?
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    Why don't you call your hospitals and see if they know? They may offer them or know what places do. I also advise you to get a reference number for any conversation with insurance re: pump coverage. I was told so many different things and if I didn't have a reference number I would have had to pay for my breast pump. I think every time I called I heard a different story. Not with the same insurance, though.
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    Did your insurance company offer any suggestions? When I order pumps for the moms I work with, I do have a particular medical supply company I usually use. However, I frequently have women say to me, "Oh, I called my insurance company and they gave me the name of a place" and receive the pump on their own without my help!

    I second the suggestion to check with your local hospital(s).

    Any home medical equipment/supply companies near you?

    Some pharmacies offer pump rentals too. Walgreens would be the best to check with first.
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