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    Unhappy Baby boycotting breast

    HELP! I started back to work last week, baby did fine nursing on my days off and at night. But today when I try to nurse my 3 month old he cries! I'm not sure what to do, he was dry, I burped him and changed breasts. How do I get him to nurse, I'm scared my supply will go away with strictly pumping and I'll miss the bonding.

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    hi! I suggest 1) don't worry about one fussy day. 3 months is a notorious age for a baby nursing 'weird' or differently, even if mom is home all day. Shorter feedings, less frequent feedings, distraction, fussyness at the breast, etc are all common at this age. Also,breasts tend to become softer/less full feeling and normal gain rate slows starting around this time just fyi.
    2) that said, don't rule out the possibility this is a result of bottle feeding. Make sure your child's caregivers know how to bottle feed correctly. see link below
    3) don't 'give in' and give your child a bottle when home! A three month old is not going to suddenly forget where the milk is and how to get it out. Nor are a few 'missed' feedings going to hurt an otherwise healthy and gaining 3 month old. (Giving baby a very small amount of milk in a bottle as an instant reward technique or calming technique for getting baby to nurse is ok, if absolutely needed. But I suggest try very hard to prevent the bottle from ever substituting for nursing when you are with baby.) obviously, if baby continues to absolutely refuse to nurse, you will have to supplement as needed. But jumping in with a bottle too can quickly create a situation where you are full on bottle feeding.
    4) make sure you are protecting your milk production by pumping as frequently as you can, with an effective pump, while at work, and by nursing as often as baby will when with baby. If baby is sleeping a stretch longer than 5 hours every night, that may be hurting production as well. If baby is truly on a strike, you will need to pump regularly while at home as well.

    bottle feeding how too for breastfed baby - http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf
    help, baby won't nurse- http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/back-to-breast/
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    Hang in there! I am sure your baby will come back to you and want to bond soon! All the pumping will be worth it. <3 XOXO I had a terrible month of nursing my toddler from February to March because he was teething. Puss and blood and scabs and the baby on a nursing strike and all kinds of crying (me). This is obviously not the same because your baby is much younger. But I bet it will be even easier to reconnect with the nursing because your baby is so young. Also.... we ironed it out and we are back nursing regularly again.

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