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Thread: feeling bad about pumping and dumping

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    Default feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    I'm on a four day business trip in Canada, a long way from home in the U.S. Although I pump weaned when my daughter was 15 mos, i am still breastfeeding her (on demand when i am at home) at 20 mos and therefore am having to pump on my trip to avoid engorgement. I am so surprised to see all this milk pumping out, more than i expected to get from the pump. I guess it makes sense as she nurses quite a bit in the morning, evening and overnight. As I flush it down the toilet i am wondering if i should have arranged to donate locally, though we're only talking about 12 oz milk per day.

    I've been here a day and I'm here 2 more and then fly out Thursday morning. Just curious what other moms would do.
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    Default Re: feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    I would not stress about it. I am not sure what the procedures for donating are but I imagine there is some screening process. If you were going to be there for a week or two I could see finding a way to save the milk for your daughter or donate it but for that amount I would dump it.
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    Default Re: feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    A lot of mothers refer to their breastmilk as "liquid gold," and with good reason! That said, it's not like you can't make more...

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    Default Re: feeling bad about pumping and dumping

    I know people who swear by using breast milk as skin care and for all sorts of other problems. Too bad you can only use it for yourself and not your baby while you are away.

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