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Thread: Way over producing!!!! Help!!!!

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    Default Way over producing!!!! Help!!!!

    I just gave birth to my son 13days ago he was a c-section of 36weeks gestation he had to go straight to NICU so i started pumping to bring my milk supply down... i pumped every 3 hours day and night and my milk came in fully in just 4 days. My son is home now and breast feeding fine but im still pumping cause no one told me to stop and now my home nurse says im producing enough for TWINS??? i have cut back my pumping a little from 8 times a day to 5 times but im afraid my breasts will stop producing??? if i go purely to breastfeeding my son will my milk supply stop cause im not emptying my breasts???

    Please Help me understand how this works!?!?!?!
    Thank you in advance....

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    First of all, pumping at the hospital did not bring your supply down, it brought it up...unless you mistyped your first sentence... I assume you were pumping at the hospital because your baby needed time to adjust to nursing and was getting bottles? Now that you're home with him and he is exclusively nursing, there is really no need for you to continue pumping unless you want to build up a freezer stash (which is not a bad idea, but then pumping one or two times a day should be more than sufficient unless you need it to return to work).

    Most women experience periods of oversupply or undersupply (sometimes both) in the first weeks-- it really is a balancing act! But as long as you are nursing on demand and your lo is not having trouble, you can pretty much trust that he knows what he's doing and your supply will eventually regulate itself according to your baby's needs.

    Because you have such an oversupply right now, you may find yourself becoming engorged and uncomfortable in between feedings. If your lo is willing to nurse to help empty your breasts, that is great. But you should probably resist the urge to empty your breasts with a pump, as that will only continue to induce an oversupply, extending the problem. But there are other ways you can help alleviate the engorgement without using the pump: hand express just enough until you're comfortable but not empty; apply cold compresses...Other ladies will probably have other suggestions.

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    I would cut one pumping time each day or every other day until you are down to 0. I would be worried about mastitis if you stop cold turkey. But I agree with PP there is no need for you to keep pumping at this level. Baby nursing is all you need to keep your supply where it should be.

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