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Thread: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

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    Question falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 6 day old. At night, she's been falling asleep/rejecting the breast after a good amount of time but then showing signs of hunger after we change her diaper and try to put her to sleep. Pattern is like this:
    Takes breast 1 for 20/25 minutes
    I burp her
    Put her on breast 2
    When she falls asleep or stops eating, I burp her (usually after 10 mins).
    She eats more, falls asleep, I burp her again until after several attempts, she doesn't eat.
    My husband takes her to change her diaper and put her down. She then cries/shows signs of hunger so I have to take her to feed her again. She eats and falls asleep for good.
    I've been unswaddling and sometimes taking off her clothes to keep her from falling asleep. She usually goes 2.5-3 hours between feedings and when she eats I hear swallowing and think I have a good latch.
    Is this pattern just the way it is? Is she comfort feeding? Anything I should try doing differently?

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    Default Re: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    Hi and congrats on the little one!

    A newborn will often eat every 1-2 hours. 2.5-3 seems a bit on the long side. 12 times/day is normal. When my milk was coming in I nursed 20 times in 24 hours one day. Remember her stomach is only the size of her fist, so she can't eat much in one sitting. Breastmilk is easy to digest and moves through her rapidly. My guess is that she is legitimately hungry again each time. There may be some comfort nursing involved but that is good, it will help establish your milk supply. Don't worry, it gets easier. As her stomach grows and she becomes more efficient at nursing she will start to give you more of a break.

    I got absolutely nothing done the first 3 weeks except feeding her and occasionally sleeping, and that is how it should be. Tell yourself that you aren't allowed to do dishes, cook, do laundry, etc unless you have slept a total of 8 hours in the last 24 (which probably won't happen for a couple weeks). Pop in a movie or turn on Netflix or settle in with a good book. This time is for you and baby.

    Are her stools turning yellow now? Is she having at least 6 wet diapers per day? If so you know she is getting milk and this is probably just her normal pattern for now.
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    Default Re: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    Congratulations on your sweet brand-new baby! There is no pattern that is normal in the newborn period. Basically you can expect a normal healthy newborn to nurse somewhere around 10 to 15 times Per 24 hour day, sometimes as frequently as two or three times in a single hour and sometimes with longer stretches of up to three hours or so, maybe one longer stretch of up to about four hours each 24 hour cycle. Maybe.
    Nursing frequently is a good thing. This is what will ensure that your milk production is in great shape and keep baby gaining appropriately. So this is what you want to be seeing at this point – a baby who wants to nurse a lot! That is just baby doing their job. As long as baby is gaining and Stuveling normally that is how you tell baby is getting enough. Then you have to figure out how you're going to get some rest around your baby's normal nursing frequency. There are many options you can consider.
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    Default Re: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    with the PPs. You mention comfort nursing- is this something you are worried about? Because you shouldn't be. Newborns-and older babies, too- use the breast for both food and comfort, often simultaneously. It's normal and desirable to nurse this way.

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    Default Re: falling asleep and then still hungry -any suggestions?

    PPs are right. Newborns usually eat with short intervals so your LO's feeding habit is just normal. She's very young and this will still change. Weight and dirty diapers should be monitored. If nothing is unusual then LO is fine.

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