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Thread: increase supply through pumping?

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    Default increase supply through pumping?

    hi there, i just to ask if my issue still have hope.
    DD is now 8 months, i was pumping before and got 2-3 oz per session. now that i quit for about 2 months due to my work schedule and noticed that my supply decreased to 50%, feel pity for DD who really loves my milk. i know she's hungry and wants more since she eats a lot at night as in latch while sleeping. when she know that she gets nothing, she cries. there is still hope that if i pump regularly, my supply will increase?
    any feedback will be much appreciated. thank you

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    Default Re: increase supply through pumping?

    You can always increase supply. Add in more nursing sessions and more pump sessions, and you should see an increase. Be prepared to be patient and persistent- pumping will not bring your supply back in a single day or even a week. You're looking to produce just slightly more every day- you're being successful if even if all you get is a few drops more than the day before.

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    Default Re: increase supply through pumping?

    Yes, pumping will help increase your supply, just be patient.

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