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Thread: sharp and sudden decline in milk supply at 8 weeks??

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    Default sharp and sudden decline in milk supply at 8 weeks??

    My daughter Charlotte is 8 weeks old today, and I've not been able to pump as I used to... I've been feeding my 20 mo old about 10 oz of pumped milk a day, and although Charlotte "appears" to be getting enough, I can't pump hardly an oz at a time now. My breasts no longer feel full (almost EVER), although it's clear that I have let-down when she latches. The pump has been examined, and nothing changed there. I've added extra fluids (water, carrot juice, green supplements, and mother milk tea) and nothing has changed in 36 hours. I'm not as worried about being able to pump for my 20 mo old son, but I AM very worried that the milk is in fact drying up. I'm trying to cuddle skin-to-skin, let her nurse every 1-2 hours, anything to improve the supply but I don't know if it's helping (or how long it will take to see results?)

    She has had several wet diapers a day, but also has gone in the last 2 weeks from pooping 4+ times a day, to 1 or less times a day, which is another concern for me as my first two kids always pooped several times a day until they started solids...

    I have also started exercising (but only twice a week at this point, power yoga). Could that at all be the cause? I make sure to hydrate.

    Sorry for the long explanation / questions, I thought I'd have this "breastfeeding thing" down by now! This third kid sure has thrown me for a loop... She also sleeps for long stretches at night (4-7 hr), which makes me worry about supply as well...

    I am on absolutely no medications or birth control, and am taking my prenatal vitamins.

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    Default Re: sharp and sudden decline in milk supply at 8 weeks??

    It is very typical for milk production to begin feeling somehow "less" at around this age. Www.Kellymom.com has a good article on low milk production. The first part of the article explains how to tell what our true signs of low milk production and what is just normal. I suggest you read that very carefully. Almost everything you are suggesting sounds normal and not a sign of true low milk production to me. But you will be able to figure that out better for yourself after reading the article.

    From what I understand, you've actually been making (pumping) about 10 extra ounces of milk per day? This is wonderful you have been able to give this to your older child. But that's a lot of extra milk. Many mothers have what essentially amounts to overproduction in the first couple of months, and then their milk production gets down to what would be more normal. Your body may simply be adjusting down to your infants actual needs, although presumably the extra milk extraction with the pumping would have slowed down that process.
    Another possibility is that your pump is malfunctioning. This happens a lot more often than people think. When you say it was examined was the suction actually tested? The motor checked out? Have you changed out any parts like the little membranes? Those can be worn out to a degree that affects pump performance without there being any visible sign.
    Exercising and dieting in a healthy way is not going to have that kind of a dramatic impact on milk production. What could have that kind of an impact would be medications like hormonal birth control, or suddenly eating or taking a lot of some type of anti-galactagogue such as some herbs.

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    Default Re: sharp and sudden decline in milk supply at 8 weeks??

    What sort of bra are you using when you're exercising? If you're using something tight, like a compression style bra, that could be problematic for production. Otherwise, with LLLMeg.

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    Default Re: sharp and sudden decline in milk supply at 8 weeks??

    Honestly, I don't wear a bra during yoga, just a nursing tank which is not at all constrictive. It's just so obvious how much less milk / feeling of fullness I have since I'm naturally an AA cup. I wouldn't be worrying if this was a slow decline, I just can't believe how sudden it was, and never noticed this with my other two. The only difference between my first and second child and this one is that I didn't pump early on with either of them... could that be it?

    I DID get low-supply with my second though... by 9 months he was barely eating at all. When we started solids it was the beginning of the end for breastfeeding and it slowly declined from there (6 mo). Hence why I was feeding him the extra from pumping and why I'm worried this go around! I'd hate for it to last even less time. My first DD weaned at 18 months and I would like to get at LEAST to that point.

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