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Thread: Weaning or strike? I'm desperate!

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    Hello fellow breastfeeding mothers, I'm in desperate need of advice and encouragement. Here is some quick background info. My daughter just turned 12 months and has been taking a bottle at daycare since she was 6 months. I pump at work and baby gets the breast in the am and pm and all weekend long. I just returned from my very first work trip where I was gone for 8 days.

    Upon my arrival my supply wasn't what is used to be, so I fed baby and then had to supplement with a bottle after. That only lasted one day. Now I will try to breastfeed in the middle of the night when baby wakes, or in the am, pm, whenever and within the first two seconds she is biting down on my nipple and pulling it away from her.

    I definitely let out a little shriek each time because she has a lot of teeth. She will go back and do the same thing a few times. She doesn't end up getting any milk and I don't even get a letdown because she only gives a suck or two before she bites.

    In the middle of the night I went to feed her and she did the same thing and I just put her back in bed and walked away, I didn't supplement with a bottle. This morning when she got up I was hoping she would take the breast and she did the same exact thing. I tried giving her a bottle and she only took an ounce. She typically finishes a 5oz bottle in a few minutes. I know she's got some more teeth coming in but I can't help but wonder if she can't remember what the boob is for!

    Is she self weaning and is there no hope to continue? I really wanted to breastfeed until she was two!

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    It sounds like a strike. Here's an article about getting baby back to breast:

    The key is to keep trying but to be relaxed and casual about it (I know, hard to do when you are stressed out about a strike!). And try things like skin-to-skin, taking a bath together, hanging out with baby topless, and taking advantage of baby being sleepy - going down to sleep, coming up from sleep, or even while sleeping.

    Are you maintaining supply in the meantime by pumping? Strikes can last a while, and if you don't maintain supply, when baby is ready to nurse again if there's no milk in there she may be more likely to stop trying.

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    I'm still pumping during the day to keep my supply somewhat up. I am just so discouraged. I tried this morning to feed her when she was groggy. She wouldn't even look at it. Normally she would get all excited. Anytime I asked her "where the milk is" she would always tug on my top, now there's nothing! She really doesn't know where the milk comes from anymore…besides a bottle. So this am I get her to the boob and all she did was bite me and wriggled and screamed. Was happy as soon as she got the bottle though.

    Each day it is getting worse and worse. I will try the bath and the skin to skin thing. I was also thinking about pumping to the point of a letdown and letting her SEE where the milk comes from and maybe she would get it...

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    Yeah, it's really hard, stressful, discouraging - I've been in your situation. I think the key is to try to keep in mind that strikes sometimes go on for a while and try not to lose hope. I do think the baby can pick up on the stress so to the extent that you can try to stay optimistic and not feel stressed when you offer the breast, that helps. Not easy, I know! I like the idea of expressing some milk - maybe even leave some drops of milk there and let her taste it to reinforce the connection between breast and milk - kind of like the instant reward idea.

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