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Thread: Very worried about supply...

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    Hi Everyone,

    Long time reader, first time poster here.

    My DS is 8 months old. We have never had any breastfeeding problems and everything has been going great, until last week. I nurse on demand when I am with DS and pump at work 3 times a day (8 hour shift) to provide bottles for daycare. Starting last Monday, February 24th, I have noticed my pumping output cut almost in half. This seemingly came out of nowhere. I have always had a great supply and have never had trouble pumping enough for DS, in fact I usually had a small surplus each day that I was able to add to my freezer stash. Now I am not able to even pump enough for the next day's bottles and have had to use frozen milk every day this week and last.

    I was using the Ameda Purely Yours pump. I replaced all of the parts and that made no difference. I then went and rented a hospital grade pump from the local hospital and still no change in output.

    I was very sick with a head cold these past two weeks, which has finally went away. My appetite was drastically reduced and I have lost about 5 lbs. I made sure to stay hydrated though. Could my reduction in calories cause this?

    Also, I did take one dose of Phenylephrine because of my severely congested nose. Could this one dose have caused this drop in supply?

    Is this just the dreaded pump slump that I have heard about?

    I am so worried that my supply will not return to what it was and that this could lead to early weaning. DS is not sleeping as well because he is up all night wanting to nurse. He also has been more fussy recently, but I can't say for certain it is related to my supply.

    Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Sorry to hear you are struggling with supply. It's great that you have already investigated the pump being an option. As far as I know phenylephrine is okay and in any case, I wouldn't expect a single dose to cause a ten day drop in supply. Another possibility is that you are going to have your period soon - have you had one yet? Maybe in combination with being sick and run down - I've definitely noticed that the trifecta of my period, being sick, and being tired can have a very noticeable impact on my supply. Or the pump slump. In any case, whenever supply decreases, the best way to counteract that is through more nursing, pumping or both. So it's actually GREAT that DS is up all night nursing - very tiring I know but great for your supply. Any chance you can take a day off tomorrow and spend the next three days in bed nursing, resting, nursing, resting? If that's not a possibility, any room in your workday schedule to add in another pumping session? You might need it only temporarily but it might help you get through this rough patch.

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    Thank you for your reply. I haven't had the return of my period yet. I actually was taking the mini pill, but when my supply dropped I quit taking it just to rule that out as a possibly, although I have been taking it since DS was 6 weeks. I can't take tomorrow off, but I will be able to spend all weekend with DS. I will add in another pump session during the work day, thanks for that suggestion! I hope this slump ends soon...

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    I hope it does too.... I think that's a good idea to take the pill out of the picture (but make sure you're using alternate contraception if you're not ready for another yet!)

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