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Thread: castor oil compress, helpful?

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    Default castor oil compress, helpful?

    Hi all,

    I'm currently battling out some mastitis (although I have no clog, no red streaks/area no fever) and started trying out castor oil compress. I would like to know if it really has worked for you.
    Also, my LC said to do it for 60-90mn a couple times a day but seriously I'm supposed to be resting and doing that and taking care of a baby and myself. I find that to be unrealistic. I was only able to do it for 20-30 mins twice yesterday and so far one 15mins today, but am gearing up to do another now. Will this still help or does it really need to be that long in order to be effective?
    I believe I am recovering, I'm also taking phytolacca and that worked with a previous plugged duct so it's probably whats helping now, not sure about the castor oil.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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    I have to admit I've not heard of this treatment before, but a quick search conveys that some mothers have found it helpful for reducing inflammation and/or clearing a plug. But there are other methods. In other words this is only one of many possible measures for plugs and mastitis. In my experience the status made me feel so sick that there was no way I was going to do anything but the bare minimum, which in my case was lots of nursing and lots of sitting on the couch. But I also had a gigantic plug and I had to deal with that and I did that with vibration. I used cold compresses to but I have no recollection how helpful that was.
    I think as far as how long you need to do it for I would ask her lactation consultant where she's getting those numbers. These things don't tend to be studied in that kind of detail. If it's not working for you to do the compress for that long but you think it is helpful overall, then I would suggest do it for what you can.
    I will add that if were talking about a warm compress, what is now been suggested is that for inflammation cold compresses reduce swelling. Like a bag of peas. And what I usually seen suggested is to do 10 to 20 minutes on and then at least that long with it off. That is more helpful for some mothers then warmth. But I'm a little confused about what the actual issue is you say you do not have the typical symptoms of mastitis?

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    Default Re: castor oil compress, helpful?

    Sorry about typos my phones about to die so I won't have time to fix them I think you get the idea.

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    Default Re: castor oil compress, helpful?

    I've read Castor Oil compresses can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and aid in removing persistent plugs but haven't used them before.

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