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Thread: Help! I've created a monster!

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    I love my mei tai.http://www.amazon.com/Infantino-Sash...4628026&sr=1-4 R sleeps really well in it.

    When it comes to getting housework done I find it is a lot easier when she is awake than when she is napping. I limit it to about 20 minutes at a time. She sits in her swing or bouncer with some interesting things to look at. I set her up where she can see and hear me as much as possible. I will talk to her or sing to her while doing my chores. I know constant baby wearing is the thing to do if you are an attachment parent (and I am) but it is hard for me to do chores while wearing her, and honestly she is perfectly happy to watch from the sidelines as long as I don't leave her there too long.
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