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Thread: Pumping Question

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    I have only been back to work for a few weeks so I'm no expert, but this is what has worked itself out so far -

    -I only have time to feed baby once in the morning, usually only 1 boob for about 15-20 minutes. That's just how it is for me.
    -Pump as soon as I get to work, and that's usually my highest yield pump of the day. (~ 5-7 oz)
    -Pump again 2 hours later. (~ 3-4 oz)
    -Pump again 3 hours later. (~ 2-3 oz, or sometimes less)
    -Feed baby approx. 3-4 hours later. I tell daycare not to feed her after 4 PM.
    -Top baby off 1.5 hours later before bed.
    -Baby eats 2x during the night.

    I'm still working out the kinks in this. I find if I leave too little time between last pump of the day and feeding baby, my supply is too low and doesn't satisfy her. If I don't get much from the first pump I will probably try to squeeze in an additional pump between pump #2 & 3 to make up for it. I also try to pump while I'm on phone calls and just let the pump run for awhile after I'm empty - I aim to pump at least 20 minutes, even though I'm usually done by 10. I also use the "stimulation phase" of the PISA to get additional letdowns, even though they don't yield that much milk. Also still working out how much to give baby at day care. I send her with 4 bottles, with between 3.5-5 oz in each (usually about 15 oz total). She usually drinks around 12 oz.

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    What I try to remember is that more milk out is more milk made. So I breastfeed as much as my baby will when I get home. I have three other children so that can be hard, so most of the time I carry my baby in a sling so I can let him nurse and I can multitask. It take a while to get a routine down.

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