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Thread: Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

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    Default Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

    I EBF my 4 month old on demand. He has gained so much weight and really eats like a champ.

    I recently started working part time 3 days a week and I pump while at work.

    My mom gives lo 3 4-oz bottles during the 9 hrs I am gone. So that's 12 oz total. However I have noticed a slight decrease in how much I pump in the last couple weeks. Before I could get 12 oz no problem.

    Should I be trying to increase my supply so I can get more from pumping while at work? I barely get 11 oz right now. I pump twice. I work 3pm-11:30pm and I pump at 6ish and again at 9:30.

    The only thing that confuses me is that my supply is fine enough to satisfy my baby all the other time....

    I do everything I can to relax while pumping. I drink tons of water. But it stresses me out when I look down and see that I'm not pumping enough to last the entire time I'm away. And I get scared that I will pump less and less.

    Should I add a pumping session in on the days I have off???

    Also, we started off giving him 3 oz bottles but he would scream bloody murder when it ran out...same with 3.5 oz. with the4 oz bottles he is content after.
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    Default Re: Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

    In 9 hours I think you should be pumping 3-4 times. Can you work in another pumping session while at work?

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    Default Re: Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

    Agreed. Most women need to pump at least 3 times when working 8+ hours. If you can't find the time to do it during work, maybe try to pump during commute time?
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    Default Re: Confused about what I yield from pumping at work...

    A nursing baby is almost always more efficient than a pump is at removing milk, too, which is why you are experiencing no troubles keeping up when you are together, but struggling a bit more with keeping up while pumping.

    I completely agree with the previous posters that you likely need to add a pumping session in while you are at work. Two sessions over a 9 hour separation is below the average that most moms would need to keep up. Frequent milk removal is the absolute best way to manage supply problems, so I would really aim to pump a minimum of 3 sessions during your work shifts.
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