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Thread: Baby won't take letdowns

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    Default Baby won't take letdowns

    I just have a quick question- is it okay that my son doesn't take my letdowns? He's 11 weeks and he has never taken them. I do have a bit of an oversupply issue, but even when I didn't (before starting work) he still didn't like them. Reason I'm asking is because I googled it to see if it was common and couldn't find anything! I hate wasting all that milk, and know he would eat faster if he took them.

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    So he's pulling off the breast and letting the milk squirt anywhere but into his mouth before latching back on? If so, it's fine. He's still getting letdown milk. He's just waiting for the flow to not be so aggressive.
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    Yes, that's what he's doing. Ok, thank you!

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