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Thread: Sleep, oh Sleep, where did you go???

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    Default Sleep, oh Sleep, where did you go???

    I need a little adivice on this cosleeping and nursing thing. It is not really a problem with the cosleeping as with the nursing. Since my lo was born, she slept with me on my arm in the bed. I got up and nursed her when she wanted. She finally got to where she was sleeping about 5-6 hours then waking for 1-2 hours, then back to sleep for 2-3 hours more. That was great. Well, then I got the idea that if I nurse her in bed, that would save me some trouble. I was wrong. The first night, she slept less, but not dramatically less. After that- and continuing until now, she wakes every hour or two(if I am lucky) to nurse. Instead of getting more rest, I am getting MUCH less sleep. It is like I am an all night snack bar. I thought maybe a growth spurt, but it has continued for almost 3 weeks now. I'm thinking maybe she is just snacking all night instead of eating a full meal. Any suggestions on how to get her to sleep better. I guess tonight I will try starting to get up and nursing her again. Any advice????

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    I find that when I sleep with DS he wakes much sooner than on his own too. I think I probably wake him up moving and readjusting him. When he wakes up there's a boob in his face, so naturally he wants to eat. We both get much better sleep in our own beds. I know co-sleeping can bring you and your child closer, but I think sleeping apart can too. It's a developmental step to wake up without you, and then cry and you come to comfort them. It's like re-meeting them every morning. They learn that you will come back to them.

    Overall I'd love to co-sleep, and a bit jealous of the mama's that can, but it just doesn't work for us (or me and DH).

    Not sure if that was helpful at all, but just my take on things. Good luck!
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    This sounds pretty similar to my situation. I co-sleep, but the long sleeps got shorter. Sometimes it helps if I hug my son really close to me. I used to bookend him with receiving blankets and then he latched on all night, I guess because it was our one point of contact. Now that he feels more generally surrounded, it's better. But we still have on-off nights. Sometimes long sleeps nursing only to eat. Sometimes nursing and fretting whenever he finds himself without a nipple.

    I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution and find it a bit lacking on this point. The author suggests that it's important to get the baby to sleep without nipple, and suggests offering and then removing it until the kid no longer wimpers. Well, DS always wins at that game. And gently holding his jaw shut doensn't seem to work either. If you folks have more ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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