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Thread: Made it to 1 Year Nursing!

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    Default Made it to 1 Year Nursing!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that we have made it to the 1 year mark with nursing!!! I can't believe my baby is a whole year old today! This past year has gone by so fast! But it has been the best experience of my life.
    I can remember when we first started nursing I couldn't really imagine going past one year...but now that we have made it I cant imagine stopping! LOL I now plan on letting DD self wean. If that means nursing till 3-5 years I'm fine with that. I get sad just thinking about how fast the next few years are going to go by..partly because if its up to DH this will be our only baby..my only time pregnant... giving birth...and getting to continue growing our baby by nursing. So I'm still hoping he will change his mind in the next few years so I can do it all again!! LOL

    We have already gotten the supprised faces when people realize she is still nursing. I just tell them I'll probably be one of the moms that nurses till she is five. I kinda enjoy getting them worked up LOL but I do seriously tell them I plan to self wean and her doctor agrees and encourages it! I think the more people that know its normal eventually it will be the other way around and it will be considered "weird" to them to stop at a year!

    I still pump at work. I plan on pumping for a while longer.

    I do want to thank you all for any advice you have given me. And for being awsome nursing role models for anyone that is unsure! I'm so excited to start the next chapter of our hopefully long nursing relationship. I know if I have any problems/ questions I can come here!

    Thank you all!!!
    First time momma to one amazing baby girl 2/28/2013
    Natural non medicated hospital birth
    Pregnant and Breastfeeding. Due in June 2015 hoping to tandem nurse

    We also practice EC but have recently completed our EC journey!

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    Default Re: Made it to 1 Year Nursing!

    Congrats on a year of nursing! That's wonderful! Toddler nursing is a lot of fun - enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Made it to 1 Year Nursing!

    Hurray! I'm happy for you, though I envy you. My DD weaned herself before a year. Anyway, it's always exciting to get to the next phase.

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    Default Re: Made it to 1 Year Nursing!

    Congratulations! I'd say "job well done", except that you're not done, which is awesome!

    I hope you'll cherish every surprised look you get. You're really helping to normalize it for other moms and babies!

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