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Thread: A business trip in 4 days

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    Default A business trip in 4 days

    Hi there,

    I hope someone can help with some words of wisdom...

    My little one is almost 16 months. She takes a bottle during the day but I still night nurse. She nurses to go to sleep (around 7:30pm), and then nurses periodically throughout the night – around 9pm, 2am and 5am on the good nights.

    The thing is I have just been requested by my company to go on a business trip leaving next week Tuesday and coming home on Friday evening.

    I have 4 nights to wean her AND prepare her for me going away….. can it be done??? Or should I respectfully decline and live the consequences???

    Will appreciate your wise words....


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    I have a friend who left her toddler around that age for a funeral and he still nursed some when she got home. I think she was gone a week or more. She was able to just hand express a couple times per day while she was gone. Pumping would be another option so you don't lose your supply. If you feel ready to wean you certainly could but I don't think that is your only option.

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    Is this an important trip for you to go on? If not, you could decline. But if you do want or need to go, there is absolutely no reason to wean because you are going on a trip. I've been on 5 or 6 trips I think so far with my current LO (almost two) and still happily nursing. My DH has handled the nighttimes just fine, at that age he was still using the bottle to help him at bedtime/nighttime. I do pump during my trips (that is pretty much the only time I pump anymore) - for me what has worked out is once in the morning and once at night, but every mom is different, I would go by comfort level. Hand expression would be another option as PP mentions.

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    No need to wean. Your LO will probably be fine without nursing when you're not around. She'll just find other ways to get her needs for food and comfort met. And once you're home, she'll most likely pick right up where she left off. I am also that bringing a pump or hand expressing is a very good idea- you wouldn't want to end up engorged or very uncomfortable on your trip, and pumping will help you maintain supply.

    Another possibility would be to bring your child and a caregiver with you on your trip.

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    My nursing toddler is 19 months. I nurse before work, when I get home, overnight and thru the weekend. Next week I travel for work for 4 days. Although I pump weaned over 4 mos ago I'm not used to going more than a workday before it's time to nurse so I am taking my pump just in case I need relief. I won't save the milk as I'm traveling from Nashville tn to Calgary Alberta. Long trip. I've actually done it before and transported milk back but my daughter won't take milk during the day anymore and I don't even know how my body is going to do at the pump after a long absence from It. As far as my daughter I'm certain she'll pick up right where we left off.
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