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Thread: Clogged duct?

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    My DD is 10 months old and although she has tried solids, she still prefers to nurse a lot. She's up a few times each night to nurse some more. Since she was 2-3 months I've been experiencing recurring plugged ducts in my right breast. Most of the time on the underside of my breast in the same place. I also have a milk blister that seems to come and go. About 6 months ago I had mastitis in the same breast. 2 days ago I experienced my most recent plug in the right breast. It took about a day to get it out. I use a heated rice sock, hot shower, and massage while nursing in various positions. Anything to avoid these plugs turning into mastitis again! Yesterday, I thought I was plug-free but I started experiencing pain on the underside of my right breast again but this time without the hard spot I always get with my usual plugged ducts. The pain has continued today. Worse after DD hasn't nursed in a couple of hours. I still can't feel a hard area at all. It feels like a bruise, without the mark. It's very painful to the touch. I don't know what to do. Does this have anything to do with the plugged duct I had 2 days ago? Is it something else? I'm worried

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    Hmmmm. Could it be the massage to work the plug out caused some bruising or inflammation? Watch for signs of mastitis as well.
    Have you tried lecithin supplements or diet changes for the recurring plugs? Have you read everything about plugs on this site and also kellymom.com?

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    I think maybe it was bruising of some sort. I started to feel better yesterday and today everything feels totally back to normal. I need to find Lecithin somewhere. I've heard a lot about how it's helpful for recurring plugs. I've read some about plugged ducts, but I will read more so I can try harder to avoid them in the future. Thanks so much!

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