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Thread: Silly Question - 13 month old!

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    Good morning,

    I'm new to this forum and I'm very excited that I'm still able to nurse my daughter!!

    Once my daughter turned 1, I decided to stop pumping at work & just nurse in the mornings & evenings. She is in daycare & I know that breast milk will help to keep her healthy. But my supply dropped dramatically. She only gets a couple of good gulps each nursing session. So here's my question, does it really matter how much breast milk she is getting to help keep her healthy? Or do the few gulps help?

    Thank you so much!

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    A few gulps definitely help. Just don't expect miracles. Once a baby is at daycare and exposed to daycare germs, all bets are off!

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    I think this is a great question. Not silly at all. Lots of people seem to think that breastmilk stops being healthy after a year. This is in part I think due to the often repeated suggestion that a baby "should" nurse for a year, when in fact nothing magical happens at a year. A mother can nurse her child as long as she and baby wants, and her child will continue to get benefits for as long as they nurse.

    I agree with Mommal every drop of milk your baby gets is definitely good for baby. And a few gulps can be more milk than you might think! On the other hand I think it is also true that the more of your breastmilk your baby gets, the better. So if you wanted to increase your production and the amount of milk baby gets overall, you could decide to nurse more often, (overnight or on weekends etc.) or pump again at work, maybe just once a day, or both, or neither. My point is, just because your baby has reached a year, does not mean you need to reduce nursing or pumping sessions, unless that is your personal choice.

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