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Thread: Clogged duct

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    Default Clogged duct

    So I woke up this morning with what I think is a clogged duct. It is sore and red. I am doing compressions and massage and I have been using hot compresses and of course nursing/pumping like crazy. My question is what else can I do and how long does it take to clear it up. My out put when I pump has been low today and it has me worried because I need to pump enough to send to daycare.

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    Things to try:
    - Vary your nursing and pumping positions.
    - Try dangle nursing- the gravity assist may help baby drain the breast.
    - Warm soaks and showers, especially on the nipple.
    - Inspect the surface of the nipple for blebs/blisters. If you find one, you may want to break it with a sterile needle.

    Stay alert for mastitis symptoms, including red streaks/patches on the skin of the breast, flu-like feelings (aches, pains, chills, malaise), and fever. If these pop up, see your doctor; antibiotics may be in order.

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    Here are some more suggestions:

    Also LLLMeg mentioned in a recent post that sometimes cold compresses can be helpful - if heat is not working, you can try that. Are you massaging the breast while nursing/pumping? I've always found it awkward to massage while nursing, but massaging while pumping has worked well for me.

    In terms of how long, it has sometimes taken me a day or even two to get a plug out. Then it's such a tremendous relief to get the thing out! So just keep working on it and watch out for mastitis as mommal mentions.

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