I went back to work this week working part-time 12 hour nights, with a 1 hour drive each way-so I'm away for 14 hours. I prefer working nights because I don't miss all the waking hours with my kids, but I was so sad going back to work because I wouldn't be able to nurse my ds to sleep at night. It helps me though to know I have enough bm saved for him that he's still getting mommy's best even when I'm away. My mom was keeping him for me so that helped, and hubby will have him when I work on the weekend.
I bawled all the way to work. My mil called me on the way to see how I was doing and she said "you know he'll be fine.". I told her I knew he would be ok...it was me I was worried about! It turned out to be a very busy night at work and I didn't have time to sit around and cry. And it was so exciting to return home and when my mom brought me my ds he just smiled and smiled and wanted to nurse right away.