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Thread: 9 day old cluster feeding, then vomiting from too much milk

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    Default 9 day old cluster feeding, then vomiting from too much milk

    Please help.

    My son is 9 days old. Breastfeeding has generally been going very well - aside from some minor latch issues that we are working on improving (we saw an LC today).

    For the past several evenings in a row, my son has been cluster feeding from around 7pm to 10pm. He will nurse only a few minutes on one side, then pull himself off and doze for a while. Within 10-15 minutes he will be awake and fussing, so we repeat this process again.

    I know that cluster feeding is VERY normal, and that eventually this will pass. But the thing is, I already have an abundance of milk (confirmed with pre/post-feed weigh ins at the LC appointment today). DS only has to nurse a very short time at one breast to get a lot of milk. And so, for the past 2 nights, when he insists on cluster feeding like that - he has ended up projectile vomiting after a few short nursing sessions in a row.

    I don't know how to deal with this situation. If I don't let him nurse, he cries. But if I let him nurse as much as he wants to, he vomits. I'm not talking just a little bit of spit up - I'm talking a good 2-3oz of milk is coming up all at once.

    I struggled with oversupply with my first son as well, except he was about 2 months old when it started, it was generally only happening in the mornings when my supply was highest, and he was not cluster feeding. So I was able to resolve that situation pretty easily by block feeding in the mornings for a couple of months.

    But this with cluster feeding + oversupply.... I don't know what to do! I don't want to just listen to him cry all night, obviously, and yet I don't want to let him nurse to the point of vomiting all over both of us every night either.

    A couple of points just in case anyone is wondering:

    1. This oversupply developed on its own - I have not pumped once since he was born. I have simply been nursing on demand.
    2. Nursing during the day goes fine because he does not cluster feed and spaces out his feedings about 2 hours apart - no vomiting.
    3. I usually nurse in a reclined position, which I know is one of the suggestions when dealing with oversupply, but in my case that does not seem to be helping.

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    Default Re: 9 day old cluster feeding, then vomiting from too much m

    Would he be content to suck on your finger for some small part of this time? I wonder if he is trying to just suckle for comfort and getting milk anyway because of the oversupply. Projectile vomiting in a kiddo this young is also worth mentioning to his doc. It is probably just related to this nursing pattern as you are assuming but there are a couple other (rare) things worth ruling out. Pyloric stenosis comes to mind.

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    Default Re: 9 day old cluster feeding, then vomiting from too much m

    I think that as long as baby is in no danger of choking spit up is not ever a problem. And yes I would call this spit up not vomiting. Vomiting suggest the baby needs to empty their stomach entirely due to some impediment obstruction or illness. If the baby truly is doing this because baby is a little overfull that is spit up, projectile or no.
    If you're overproduction is very severe, I would suggest talking to your lactation consultant about block nursing. This can be very tricky and even quite detrimental especially in the early weeks, however with professional guidance you should be able to figure out if this would be appropriate and your situation.
    I suggest keep doing the recliner feedings, and nurse very frequently. This will help. It may not help Immediately and it may not help every feeding but it will help.

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