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Thread: 9 mon old not interested in nursing

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    Unhappy 9 mon old not interested in nursing

    For about a week now my 9 mon old daughter has been very uninterested in nursing and when she does eat she eats for a very short time. I have tried laying down to feed, rocking, dark room, etc. Nothing really seems to make her more interested. She seems to be too distracted or simply not hungry. I have expressed milk and given her a bottle (she has been taking bottles/nursing since 11 days old-no problem with nipple confusion) and she shows the same disinterest. I am starting to be concerned about her weight. At her 9 month checkup 10 days ago she weighed 16 lbs and was 27 in long. At her 6 mon appt she was 13 lbs and 25 in long. She has always been in the 20th percentile since birth. We visited a new pediatrician at the 9 mon apt and he did not give me the percentile she was in but said she was incredibly healthy. When I got home I looked up her percentile and she is in the 5th percentile for weight. So that concerned me since its such a big drop in percentile. She's very active, very happy and she eats solids fairly well. She has no other issues other than the drop in nursing. I did eliminate her night feeding at 10:30p because she was not nursing for that one. So now she nurses 4 times a day. Normally for 10-20 min. Now it's closer to 5 min total. What can I do for her to help her eat more/gain weight. Or is there nothing to be concerned about?

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    I think you're right to be alert, and right to be ready to make some changes, but you probably don't need to be concerned. Being not particularly interested in nursing at 9 months is common- a lot of babies lose a lot of interest at this age because they are so busy with new skills and new interests (e.g. crawling, playing with toys, interacting with people, etc.). A decline in weight percentile is also common at this age, as babies often drop percentiles as they become more mobile and start devoting more calories to action than to packing on fat. So that's all good, right?

    Now, that being said, nursing just 4x per day is quite low for this age- a lot of breastfed babies are nursing at least double that amount. And because breastmilk has more calories and provides more balanced nutrition than any other food you can offer, it makes sense to encourage more nursing, especially when you're concerned about your baby's weight. So what I would do would be to immediately start offering the breast more often, even if she will only take it for 5 minutes. A brief sip here and there can really add up. I would also offer at night, at least once and more if you can stand it. Babies often nurse better when sleepy than when wide awake. Finally, if the baby still isn't nursing much, I would consider pumping in addition to nursing. It's possible that your baby's lack of interest in the breast has caused your supply to be lower, and that lower supply has resulted in decreased interest. Pumping could turn that around, and could also yield some milk that could be offered in a sippy cup or mixed with solids.

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    Here is a resource you might find useful for tracking progress on growth charts.
    As Mommal says, it is not uncommon to waver on the charts. Going from 10 centile to 5 centile is not "panic" time (My LO has been bouncing back and forth between those two for a while now.) But I agree that offering to nurse more (and nursing before solid meals) may help keep the weight up and provide those extra calories for her increased mobility.
    My LO used to nurse for a LONG time and he still will when sleepy but when he is wide awake and distracted, I'm usually able to nurse for between 6-12 minutes and that is switching sides several times. My LO is only 6 months old but developmentally acting a little more like an 8 month old so I'm having trouble keeping up!!! (being advanced is not all good.)

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