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Thread: Pumping at 2 1/2 weeks

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    I am going back to work in a few weeks and want to start freezing my breast milk to make sure my little one will have enough throughout the day. However, I am not sure exactly how to begin pumping and at the same time continue to breast feed. Should I feed him first and then pump right after? Should I pump in between feedings? Any advice would be helpful as I am a first time mom!

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    I think, always feed the baby first! And while you're pumping, if baby wakes up and is hungry again, just pause the pump and nurse the baby. How many weeks until you return?

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    I think it usually makes sense to pump when it is most convenient to pump. It is going to be a bit different for every mom. If you are worried that pumping means you will not have enough milk for your baby, I would suggest this is not usually a problem, unless there is an issue of low milk production going on. Even if you pumped until you were 'empty' and baby immediately wanted to nurse, this would probably not be much of a problem because 1) your body is always making milk, so baby nursing will probably bring in more milk quickly and 2) it is only one nursing session of the presumably 10 or more times a day baby is nursing at this age. If baby does not get much at that one session, baby can simply nurse again soon.

    Usually what you do want to do when building a stash in anticipation of returning to work is to pump as infrequently as possible while still pumping enough in order to reach your goal. This is because 1) Pumping is extra work, something a mom of a 2 week old does NOT need, and 2) Pumping more than about once a day in the very early weeks while also nursing 'full time', assuming your milk production is normal rather than low, may lead to over production, which has it's own set of issues.

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    In 3 weeks. I am thinking of maybe waiting another week since I have been reading that it is better to wait until around the 4th week when your milk supply is well established.

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    Thank you for your reply it was very helpful! Yes I have been reading that it is better to wait until the 4th week to start pumping until your milk supply is more established. I still have about 3 weeks off, so I am going to hold,off another week.

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    Keep in mind that you just need enough for the first day. Then, each day you are at work, you pump for the next day. The "rule of thumb" is 1 - 1.5 oz/hour apart. So if, for example, you will be apart for 8 hours, you'd want about 8-12 oz, maybe a couple oz extra as backup. When you think of it that way I think it makes it less overwhelming to think about pumping for that first day.

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