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Thread: Green Poos?

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    My LO is 14wks old, exclusively breastfed, and has had a green poos for the last couple days. It has happened before but not so consistently. I do have an overactive letdown, but have switched to side-lying feeding and it has seemed to help. He eats on average about 5-10min, one breast at a time. He has been gaining weight consistently and weighs about 13.5lbs. He sleeps thru the night without feeding also. Please help with advice. I am worried that these poos are a bad sign of something

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    In a baby who is otherwise healthy, happy, and growing and developing normally, green poops can be considered a normal variation in the wide spectrum of poop colors. They are not a matter for great concern even if they are consistently green.

    Since you have an overactive letdown and need to feed from only one breast at a time, the most likely cause of the green poops is lactose overload. When a mom has a ton of milk, the baby ends up eating a lot of so-called "foremilk". Foremilk, which is basically the milk that comes from a very full breast, is higher in lactose (milk sugar) and relatively lower in fat than the so-called "hindmilk" produced by a emptier breast. But don't worry, foremilk still contains everything a baby needs to grow and develop!!! In fact, babies whose moms have oversupply tend to grow extremely fast, with many of them gaining as much as a pound per week in the early weeks/months of nursing. The only downside to consuming a lot of foremilk is that very high consumption of lactose can cause green poops, gas, and sometimes intestinal irritation. Not big problems.

    Have you considered waking him at night to nurse? I am sure you're waking up pretty full, and perhaps uncomfortable as well. Giving the baby a chance to nurse at night might help with those problems.

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