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Thread: changing eating habits

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    i am starting to feel neglected...by my three month old. is it normal to change eating habits? since birth we have pretty much been attached 24/7, and that is the way i love it (my 5 yr old didn't get to nurse directly as much or long due to medical problems, he mostly had ebm the first 9 months and self weaned shortly after). now after 3 months of attachment, ds is not nursing as often or as long. he doesn't even comfort nurse as much. his bedtime feeding would be as long as 2-3 hours (i loved that time with him) now he is done in like 30 min and out for the night. sometimes not even waking up until 4 or 5 am (bed at 9 or 10 pm). his little "snacks" are almost non-existant. i just returned to work (i work 3 12 hour nightshifts 7p-7a) could this be the reason? i usually nurse him right before i leave for work, then around 8 or 9 he eats for my husband, goes to sleep and wakes around 4 or 5, eats again, then wakes for me when i get home, eats for maybe 20 min then he is good until 10 or 11 am. not only missing the nursing, but is he still getting enough? this just started last week when i went back to work full-time. the 2 previous weeks i just did 3 8 hour shifts (11p - 7a) and was able to still nurse him to sleep. i have read about reverse cycle, but i thought because i work nights that we wouldn't have that problem as much because he would just nurse all day, now he cut that back also...thanks for any advice amy

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    Aw, what a sweet mom you are -- hungry for more nursing time with your wee one.

    Babies often become more efficient nursers around the age of 3 months. Their neurological development around that age helps them to be more coordinated, and they are figuring out the concept of cause and effect. And some babies can then get everything they need, both in terms of nutrition and physical contact, in fewer and shorter feedings.

    The way to know that he is getting enough milk is just like when he was a newborn -- plenty of wet diapers (the poopy ones may be getting less frequent, especially if he is still 100% on breastmilk, no formula), contented after feedings, and growing well.

    It sounds to me like you just have one of those efficient nursers who also is a good sleeper -- but don't get too attached to this pattern, either, as things may change drastically before long. You never can tell with babies, LOL!


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    It sure is bittersweet when they start to "grow up"? I second the idea that you have an efficient nurser, and I also second the thought that things can change at any time. You are such a sweet mum to yearn for that time with your dc

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