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Thread: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

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    Default milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    I've been pumping at work (2-3 sessions) and nursing when at home (one overnight feed) since LO's been 5 months old. Now he's 9 months and my milk supply has been going downhill for the past 2-3 months and my freezer stash is just about gone. I've tried lactation cookies and motherlove supplements with no noticeable results. At my peak, I was able to get 5-6 oz per pumping session but now I'm lucky if I get 1-2 oz per session after massaging and compressions. Ped wants me to supplement with formula to make sure LO's getting 16-20 oz day, but I'd really like to try and increase my milk since I'm so close to the 1 year mark. Is it worth seeing a lactation consultant? Hoping the gurus here will have some suggestions!!

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    Default Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    How much is your baby taking in each bottle? How many times per day would you say you are nursing?

    It's fairly normal for moms to go through a pump-slump starting around 9-10 mos. It doesn't necessarily mean that baby isn't getting plenty of milk when nursing directly, it just makes it difficult to keep up with their needs when they are at day care. My first step would be to check all your pump parts, if you haven't been regularly replacing them.
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    Default Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    Thanks for replying so quickly! A regular day for us is 4-5 nursing sessions, 2-3 bottles at about 3 oz each. He definitely nurses for longer during the pre-bed and nighttime sessions but his morning and early evening feeds are quick! Today I only pumped 3 oz total, so I'm pretty bummed. Pump parts are all new except for tubing...I'll look into getting that replaced.

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    Default Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    The 6-8 nursing sessions is really on the very low end for frequency. Some mothers can handle it but others definitely need more frequent feedings to maintain their supply. Adding in extra feedings, even short ones and especially the overnight ones when milk making hormones are highest, will help your supply. No supplement or galactagogue will increase supply like more milk removal.

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    Default Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    I forgot to add that I also pump before I go to sleep...so total pumping sessions is usually 4/day. Baby doesn't sleep with me at night so I'm not sure how to fit in another night feeding without waking him to do so, but I'll definitely try fitting in another nursing/pump session during the day. Thanks!

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    Default Re: milk is disappearing after 9 months. what to do?

    Nurse as much as possible on the weekends and offer even if he isn't acting hungry. This can help increase your supply at least during the first couple days of the week, so you have a better pump output in the beginning of the week. By Friday output might go back down but if you have extra from Monday and Tuesday you can stretch it out.

    I probably don't need to say it, but make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Being well hydrated makes a big impact for some, like me .
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