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Thread: Administering probiotic to EBF infant

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    Yes, antibiotics can cause frequent poops and diarrhea. Give baby's butt as much open air time as you can, no cream, no powder, just air. If he isn't mobile, then it is easy to lay out some cloth diapers or an old blanket in case of an accident. If he is mobile then it is a bit more challenging, but you could try gating off an area with an easy to clean floor, like the kitchen.

    Then, of course, when you do have to put in a diaper you can use some rash cream.
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    Well it's good to know the frequent poops are to be expected. Seems every time I check he has a dirty diaper again. The skin irritation definitely seems to be a result of the diarrhea. I'm changing him very frequently and applying a cream each time. Sassypants - tomorrow we will go bare-butt! He's not mobile so that should be easy enough.
    Good to know about the colic drops, thank you!

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