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Thread: Help! Vasospasm? Thrush?

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    Default Help! Vasospasm? Thrush?

    I have seen 3 lactation consultants and a doctor ( a doctor who did not know Raynauds can affect the nipples/breasts).
    I am having severe pain in the left breast and nipple. When the baby comes off my nipple is slightly creased and I have a huge white ridge on one side of my nipple - the same spot, no matter the hold.

    - the latch is excruciating
    - the entire feed is slightly less but still excruciating
    - when he comes off I still feel pain
    - I also feel deep tissue breast pain (shooting, stabbing and throbbing)
    - I experience burning in my nipple
    - My nipple doesn't look cracked but it certainly feels cracked.

    -The LCs told me latch looks perfect.
    - The LCs are stumped at how quickly this ridge forms and whiteness forms (literally less than 20 seconds)
    - baby has a yeast infection on his bum
    - no visible signs of oral thrush (patches of white in babies mouth)

    I was prescribed both nystasin (sp?) and diflucan today, and we're treating his bum with lotrimin. I am so worried that it isn't going to help, because it might be the wrong diagnosis. The doc had no idea raynauds could affect the breast, and latch doesn't seem to be the issue

    please HELP - I seriously cannot pump or feed on this breast right now, the pain is so excruciating.

    ETA: One LC pointed out he was slightly tongue-tied - but again we are feeding beautifully on the right breast with no pain besides the random occasional latch pain.
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    Default Re: Help! Vasospasm? Thrush?

    Thrush vs. Raynaud's can be tricky, since thrush in and of itself can cause painful vasospasms. Are you having any pain in the right nipple? Being that baby has a yeast infection currently, thrush does sound like a likely cause, but I'm not sure it usually presents unilaterally

    FYI, baby does NOT have to have the white patches for thrush to be present. That is a myth. Have you read Dr. Newman's page on thrush? http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP Taking a probiotic yourself, and giving some powder to baby is a great way to get started treating yourself, if you're not doing it already. The diflucan for yourself is good too - how long of a course did the doctor prescribe? It's important to treat baby too, even if he's not symptomatic. You don't want to pass the yeast back and forth!

    Now, you say there's a white ridge, but do you notice any other colour changes in your nipple? purple, blue, etc? I could be wrong, but the fact that it's a line down the middle still sounds like a latch issue. Has baby been checked for tongue/lip tie? Your nipples are not both the same - even if the right feels fine with the latch, the left could still hurt if there's something mechanical going on, know what I mean?

    Have you tried treating the vasospasms with heat? A sock filled with rice heated in the microwave applied to your nipple is really helpful, as well as covering up your nipple ASAP after coming out of baby's mouth. Keeping warm in general is a good suggestion too!

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    Default Re: Help! Vasospasm? Thrush?

    Oh, and I meant to post Dr. Newman's vasospasm page too http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...ename=doc-V-RP

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    Default Re: Help! Vasospasm? Thrush?

    Thank you for your response!

    the only pain on the right nipple is sporadic and associated with the initial latch. I haven't noticed color changes like purple or blue but I can watch the color go back into the nipple after he comes off.

    Yes he was checked by an LC for tongue tie and he has one "slightly" and "not enough to cause any speech issues, and he is able to pull his tongue out quite far"

    Thank you for the suggestion of getting him treated. The doctor I saw today seemed totally clueless and told me that we'll try the meds the LC recommended although she isn't convinced ductal yeast infection.

    Thank you for the link to the vasospasm page.

    The thing is this literally just started happening - at least the painfulness of it all, right after I got past the 2.25 weeks of blisters and cracked nipple pain - which makes me wonder about the raynauds.

    Can thrush lead to him clamping on that nipple? Why would the ridge be in the same spot even with varying positions? when I push on the ridge milk comes out which makes me think it is an inflamed duct almost..

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