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Thread: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

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    Unhappy 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me as I'm really not enjoying this anymore!
    I've been exclusively breastfeeding since my little one was born, and have gone through growth spurts and fussiness but this time she seems different.
    She's literally on for a few minutes, then on and off for a few more minutes and then she's sick, then fusses more then goes back on. It feels like she's forgotten how to feed. She's also really gassy, but her latch is good when she is on for these short times.
    This is happening every hour to two hours and both me and her are getting very little sleep. I haven't been doing anything different, my diet has stayed the same, never used bottles/dummies as she won't take them! She still has dirty and wet nappies so the doctor isn't concerned. The doctor prescribed gaviscon (anti acids) but she won't take it via syringe, spoon, bottle or sippy cup.
    I feel like I'm at the end of my tether with lack of sleep and I don't feel like she's feeding as efficiently as she has been. I just don't know what to do?! Is this a phase? Do I wait it out or am I doing something wrong?
    She's a great weight btw @ 13.3lbs and her feeds before ranged from 5-30 mins depending on the time of day so that's not a concern, I just don't know why the feeding has suddenly gone downhill like she's forgotten what to do!
    Please, please tell me this is normal and I've just got to see it through and it'll all get back to normal...I really don't want to give up as I love the bond, I just want it to get back to being easy like it was.
    Thanks in advance for replies,
    From one poorly, sad and exhausted first time mummy

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    Default Re: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on making it through the first 11 weeks!

    Babies this age often pick up weird little nursing quirks. So my first thought is that this is a quirk, which will disappear as she gets older and really figures out the fine points of nursing- like how to get her needs met in the most pleasing, most rapid way. But I do wonder about a few things which might explain the behavior, namely:
    - How is your milk supply? On the high side or just about right? (If it's on the high side, you'd probably notice things like frequent fullness or engorgement, fast letdowns, lots of leaking, baby choking, gasping, gagging, or maki a clicking sound while nursing, etc.)
    - Has there been a recent change in supply- for example, did you recently go from having too much milk to having just enough?
    - Anything new in your routine- a new form of hormonal contraception, new lotion or perfume?
    - Does the fussiness intensify at any time of day, perhaps in the evenings?
    - Is baby teething, and do the doc take a peek in her ears to rule out an ear infection?

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    Default Re: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    Thank you so very much for your reply! I hope its just a quirk too but why does it have to be so tiring?

    My LO recently had a growth spurt so I'm feeling engorged between feeds but this is settling down and I have always had a fast flow and its never bothered her apart from in the very early days when my milk was coming in.
    I don't use any perfumes/lotions and my shower gel is fragrance free and its the same one I've always used.
    She seems to have 1 or 2 great feeds during the day, the fussiness is just mostly early morning, evening and overnight. I thought she may have been feeding too much because she is very sick - last night for example she was sick twice and it was the full feed!
    Teething? Is that possible at 11 weeks?! Doctor did a full check up on her including ears and said she was fine and it might just be a spot of reflux... hence being prescribed Gaviscon. But I've read that most babies do have reflux to some degree anyway, so I'm reluctant to give her the Gaviscon and she won't take it anyway.
    I also just had a thought, as I'm feeding on demand...would it be that she's feeding for comfort and taking too much?
    Thanks again for your reply!

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    Default Re: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    I hope its just a quirk too but why does it have to be so tiring?
    Why? For the same reason that the sky is blue, I guess. That's just the way it is, with babies. Little stinkers.

    Since you have a fast flow, I would guess that your LO's behavior is her way of controlling it. She gulp-gulp-gulps for a bit, then it gets to be too much for her so she takes a pause, spits up, reevaluates her satiation level, and goes back for more. This sort of on-off-on-off behavior is REALLY common in babies who cope with oversupply and fast flow. And it probably got worse because of the recent growth spurt and consequent return to frequent engorgement.

    Don't worry about overeating. Breastfed babies don't do that. But when a mom has a ton of milk, it can be difficult for a baby to suck for comfort without also getting a huge letdown. One way you could help your baby work with the flow you have is to try reclined nursing positions, since they enlist gravity to slow down the flow of milk. Slower milk flow can allow a baby to suck without getting flooded. And definitely keep feeding on demand!

    Don't worry about spit up. As long as your baby is otherwise healthy and gaining weight at a normal rate, spit-up is a totally normal part of infancy. It's a laundry problem, not a health problem, and it's not happening because you're doing something wrong. Rather, it happens because the muscular sphincters which keep stomach contents down in the stomach are, like all of a baby's other muscles, relatively weak. But they'll get stronger, and as they do spit-up will decrease. Once your baby can sit up on her own, the spit-up will decrease even more because gravity will be working for her.

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    Default Re: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    Well she has just had 2 'normal' feeds for her, so fingers crossed that it is beginning to settle down and she is used to my increased supply!
    Thank you so much for all your reassurance, you've really reassured me that things are normal - breastfeeding isn't as easy as it seems sometimes - especially for worriers like me. I constantly question everything - mainly because i dont know what i'm doing lol!


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    Default Re: 11 weeks - back to newborn again!!

    We're just here for reassurance, mama. You're there doing the real work! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your baby.

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