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Thread: How to use freezer stash??

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    Default How to use freezer stash??

    Hi everyone! I have questions regarding how to best use up my freezer stash. My baby was born on 12.3.13, she is now 10 weeks old. I have built up a freezer stash of about 400 ounces. I go back to work in about 3 weeks and she will be in daycare four days a week. I'll be able to pump at work and I'm sure I will pump enough each day to send for her bottles the next day. I'm wondering though about what I should do about my stash.... From what I understand, the breast milk I make each day is perfectly suited to her needs at the age she is... So when do you give the freezer milk then?? I started pumping when she was just a couple weeks old, so that is like "newborn" milk right? Should I send like, three "fresh" milk bottles to daycare and one from the frozen milk? Or could I mix the bottles, like 1 ounce of the frozen milk with 2 ounces of the fresh milk? Since I have so much stocked up I'd like to start using the oldest stuff, I would hate for any of it to go bad. I make more than she needs (I only pump once a day, after her morning feeding and even after she nurses I still pump 10 ounces!) so I will still be able to freeze some each day too... I hope my questions make sense! LOL! I would love to hear how other's used their freezer stash!

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    Do you have a deep freezer? If so that stuff is good at least a year so you could set some of it aside for emergencies. When that year is getting close you could reduce your pumping. You might find you want to mix it in with her solid foods as she gets older. I like the idea of doing one bottle of frozen and the rest fresh, just so you don't waste the stuff in the freezer.

    Also keep in mind your pumping output might go down when you return to work - stress, less time with baby, pumping in a less relaxing environment, etc.

    Another option if you know anyone who might be in need is to give some of it away. Don't wait until it is about to expire if you are going to consider that option.

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    While milk does adjust over time to meet a baby's needs very exactly, giving a baby "old" milk is fine. The composition isn't different enough to be a problem. You could give a toddler milk from the newborn period and vice versa.

    I personally would start trying to use up the stored milk a little at a time. Instead of mixing it with new milk, just pull one bag every workday and use that as one of the baby's bottles. It's also a really good idea to periodically pull samples of the stored milk, thaw them, and give them a taste/smell test. Some moms find that their stored milk develops issues over time, even when proper storage guidelines are followed, and you want to really have a sense of the condition of your stash. Of the bags consistently come back tasting/smelling fresh, you can relax about output at work if you find that you come home with fewer oz on some days. If the stash has a lot of yucky bags, you know that your workday pumping sessions are really important and you shouldn't be slacking off on them.

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    I ended up wasting some of my freezer milk then found this bit of advice on here somewhere.
    -Pump and send fresh milk Tues-Fri. Freeze Friday's pumped milk and send frozen milk on Mondays. Always sending oldest frozen milk first.
    I was lucky and my little one liked slushy style frozen milk. She actually wouldn't drink the same milk fully thawed. She also preferred her bottles right out of the fridge. Took us a while to figure that one out. Like I said I wasted some milk due to excess lipase also some from saving it frozen too long. It ended up that she was getting Friday frozen milk on Monday. Had I kept that same milk in the fridge though it would have been bad by Monday.
    Hope this helps.

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