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Thread: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

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    Exclamation Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    My nipple is swollen and puffy just around the nipple and areola. Only parts of the nipple and areola are swollen. It looks so creepy. It looks better after breastfeeding, almost gone but comes back again. I'm not sure if I should wait a day or so to see if it goes away and if I should stop bfing.
    No fever (i just feel warm) There are no lumps or pain. Just uncomfortable to bf for a bit. I've Googled all day and can't find anything. Anyone know what this is?

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    Default Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    Welcome to the forum!

    Some questions for you:
    - How old is your baby?
    - Has anything changed with breastfeeding recently, like maybe baby is teething and changing his latch, or nipping?
    - Aside from the swollen nipple/areola, is there anything else going on? Are you in pain, does the skin look red or feel hot? Is there a lump under the swollen area? Anything weird-looking about the Montgomery glands (they're those bumps that ring the areola)?

    My guess is that this is a minor plugged duct in a slightly unusual place. The reason I think this is that it looks better after the baby nurses, which suggests that your baby is draining it well, which is good. But maybe not well enough- which is why it comes right back.

    Here's what I would do:
    - Don't stop nursing. There's nothing in your post that indicates that stopping breastfeeding is necessary, and stopping could be very detrimental if this is a plugged duct. You want the baby to empty it out. Letting it sit increases the risk of it turning into mastitis.
    - Treat with warm soaks, salt water rinses, and massage. Can't hurt, will probably help.
    - Vary your nursing position so that the baby drains all parts of the breast as thoroughly as possible.
    - Stay alert for symptoms of mastitis. If you spike a fever or suddenly have flu-like symptoms (chills, aches and pains, malaise), call your doc because you'd probably benefit from some antibiotics.

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    Default Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    My LO is 6 weeks.
    No teeth yet
    I'm pretty sure is latch is the same. Though I'm not sure as I am pretty new at this.
    Nipping? Like biting with his gums? I believe I caught him doing that the other day but I'm not sure which breast it was on.
    The last 3 days he has been sleeping 6-8 hours straight. I've also missed a feed at night before he goes to sleep due to falling asleep putting my 15 month old to bed and my husband feeds him.
    There is no pain or redness or lumps and nothing wrong with my glands.
    I've been excessively warm lately with night sweats still but find I am running warm throughout the day too but no fever.
    I have been trying to get baby to drain the breast the best I can. Thank you so much for your reply!

    If my LO sleeps 6-8 hrs, should I be pumping the breast he doesn't feed off of in the morning? I have a terrible time pumping and haven't been. My supply always seems to be good even if I miss a feed.
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    Default Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    I have no idea if you have the same thing but I'll share my experience with weird swollen spots. Up until 15 months or so if I went more than 4 hours or so on my left side, a small lump appeared on the left side of my nipple. It was like I had a slightly squishy marble right under the skin. It was never tender and lessened after nursing, going away completely if he nursed often and kept me drained. The best Google got me was a vague reference to dilated milk ducts. Googling that term just now makes it sound like a cyst that needs to be drained but I just assumed it was an oddly shaped milk duct and since it drained well infection was never a concern. It didn't show up until a few months after establishing breastfeeding.
    I think mommal has some great suggestions to proceed with in case yours is a more serious issue. Just wanted to share my benign weird swelling in case it doesn't resolve for you either.

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    Default Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    Besides the lumps and bumps in your areola and nipple, are you feeling hard or engorged or extremely full between feedings? In any case, if a six week old is sleeping 6 to 8 hours, I would suggest waking baby to nurse more frequently. More milk into baby and more frequent nursing are both good. At this age a newborn infant would typically be nursing a minimum of 12 times a day or about there. With that long asleep that would be hard to do although not impossible, for some babies that long asleep is normal and fine. However if it is causing you to have engorgement issues or plug issues then it is important to encourage baby to nurse more often even at night. If you cannot wake baby, then you could try hand expression. The reason I would suggest avoiding pumping if possible is because pumping tends to pull
    fluid into the areola-with your situation I'm not sure that that is something you would want to do.
    I agree that this sounds like perhaps a few plugs maybe combined with a bleb ( milk blister) perhaps? If you search this site and also Kelly mom.com, you will find good information on plugs and blebs. However I would suggest if it does not go away, to see a board certified lactation consultant is that possible for you?

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    Default Re: Aerola/Nipple Half Swollen. Please read

    Hi lianela, how are you now? Kellymom.com has a lot of info you might want to check.

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