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Thread: Relactating and Latching

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    I haven't been BF since my son was about 4 weeks. We had some issues and I ended up supplementing and eventually switched to formula.
    Disappointed in myself, I decided to give BF another go. I'd planned to pump and get my supply up and then I'd start putting him back on the breast.
    Just the other day, I thought why not see if he'll just latch on, so I put him to the breast and he latched and nursed for about 4 minutes. I was so excited. I put him on the other side and he latched for a few but didn't nurse. I tried a few more times that day but he wouldn't latch after that first time.
    Later on that evening, my nipples were really sore and I realized his latch was a little off if they were hurting.
    How can I get my little man latching and nursing again? He's more interested in the bottle, but I want to break that like a bad habit. TIA

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    it is possible to start breastfeeding again, there is some great information here on http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/relactation/ and another one would be http://www.bellybelly.com.au/breastf...g#.UwOBVIXlXN1

    if he is having problems with latch there is way's to imporve it, laid back breastfeeding position helps baby latch correctly but get in touch with a LC if you still need help.

    to get started lots of skin to skin feed baby every two hours or pump to increase your supply, at the start you may need to supplement still so may be try using a http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com...ing-system-sns to feed or cup feed see what works best for you.
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    So I have been pumping. Only about an ounce all together. I add it to his formula bottle. Is that not recommended?
    And is there any reason why he wouldn't keep my breastmilk down? I feel like before I stopped BF he spit up all of what I had fed him.
    And just today when i added and ounce of BM to 2oz of his formula (similac sensitive) he spit up a little more than usual.

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    It's generally recommended that breastmilk and formula stay separate unless the baby won't drink straight formula or straight breastmilk. The reason is that storage guidelines for formula and breastmilk are different. Unused formula goes down the drain, unused breastmilk can go back into the fridge. You don't want to risk dumping your hard work down the drain if your baby doesn't finish a mixed bottle!

    Spitting up is a normal part of infancy, and when the baby is otherwise healthy, happy, and gaining weight, it should be considered a laundry problem rather than a health problem. It happens not because of what your baby eats, but because he's a baby and the muscle sphincters which keep his tummy contents down in his tummy are still quite weak. Sometimes how a baby eats can make spit-up more of a problem- for example, if he inhales a lot of air while nursing or mom's letdown is really strong, that can increase the likelihood of a spit-up.

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