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Thread: Relactating for a second time for a 15 month old

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    Hello ladies I'm hoping someone can help me out, I have twin girls will be 15 months old on the 19th. I breastfeed them in the beginning then had some issues I ended up stopping at 6 weeks and was heartbroken so I relacted after about 5 weeks I never fully regained my supply and only one of my twins would nurse sometimes. I pumped for them and was able to give a bottle a day to them. Then at about 8 months I stopped nursing and pumping so it's been 7 months since. Well for awhile I still had some milk coming to my nipples but then it stopped. I have been taking vitex to regulate my cycles for a month and yesterday felt like checking my nipples and some colostrum came out both nipples!! I was shocked! So I was thinking of trying to relactate again, and I want to get my one twin to nurse, can anyone help me? Do you think she'll eventually nurse again after 7 months of not? Any ideas tips suggestions anything would be amazing thanks!!!

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    I'm just replying because I'm in a similar boat as you and would love to be notified if anyone has suggestions. I nursed for the first month (it didn't go very well for either of us) and it's been 5 months since. I'm also wanting to relactate. All I've tried so far is fenugreek capsules and pumping every 3 hours. I haven't had anything come out yet, but I sure hope it does. I'm glad you got some to start coming out! I've never heard of vitex; I'll have to look that up.

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    Probably the most important factor in relactating is nipple stimulation. Have you tried getting your daughter to latch on? She may not remember how (my son tried nursing again about 3 weeks after weaning, and he had no idea how to do it ), but it might be worth a try.

    If your baby can't nurse, the next best thing is pumping as frequently as possible with a double electric pump. A lot of moms can bring in at least some milk with just pumping.

    Here's an overview of relactating at The Leaky Boob: Your Guide to Relactation

    And this article from The Breastfeeding Mother blog is about getting an older baby back to the breast: Getting an Older Baby to Breastfeed

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    I've been trying with both twins and they just laugh at my boobs lol although the one twin spit out her binky and came toward my breast like she was gonna latch and then backed away and laughed and my other twin sat on my lap and rubbed her face on my boob and laughed and she almost acted like she wanted to latch but she didn't

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