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Thread: No more milk.

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    Default No more milk.

    My story is a little nutty and I'm not quite sure what to include because I'm not sure what all is relevant.
    When we were in the hospital the nurses noticed my nipples were sort of flat(?) so they suggested a nipple shield to help my LO get started feeding easier.
    LO did very well for the remainder of the time we were in the hospital, even at first when we got home. I even stopped using the shield, my milk came in and all was well.
    Then came the pain.
    About one week after we got home, my nipples hurt so bad I just wanted to stop. I was ready to give up. The DH grabbed the shield and viola! No more pain.
    For the next month and a half we were great. Getting tons of snuggle time feedings were a wonderful bonding experience.
    Then I started back at work.
    At first everything was great, I would feed LO first thing in the morning, pump twice a day (usually 6-8 oz each pump session) and then feed him myself all evening.
    Then came Christmas.
    The last time I remember having full milk was at a family Christmas party. My DH suggested we supplement with formula so I could hang out in the living room instead of locking myself in one of the bedrooms (I'm a bit modest). I agreed, thinking it would just be one night, no problem. That night as I was giving LO his bottle, I let down, and started leaking for the first time ever.
    From that night on, my milk supply has dwindled.
    I have tried everything: fenugreek, drinking more water, lactation cookies, mothers milk tea galactogogues(sp?)
    I increased pumping at work to three times a day, I feed my LO as often as possible. He does sleep through the night. And I have tried pumping at night to no avail so I gave in and started just sleeping through it.
    I'm at a loss. My LO is only 4 1/2 months and I'm not ready to give up.
    Please help.

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    Default Re: No more milk.

    What exactly has convinced you your milk is gone? Weight gain or diaper output? There's a natural regulation around 6-12 weeks when mom's body switched from hormonally driven production to a supply demand system. Feeling full goes away, The let down sensation can become less apparent or disappear entirely, and pump output regulates to what a baby takes in per feeding (typically 2-4 oz). Combined with normal shifts in babies behavior at 3-4 months, many moms freak out.
    By sleep through the night how many hours do you mean? Have you tried dreamfeeding? Many babies accept extra feedings at night without waking up, especially at the light sleep cycle.

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