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Thread: Painful latch not improper...surprise* i'm pregnant

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    Default Painful latch not improper...surprise* i'm pregnant

    I have a 5 month old NICU graduate who was born at 26weeks and 3days 1lb 2ozs. As I have been nursing more, I noticed how badly my nipples hurt only to discover I'm pregnant again. I had high BP, low amnio, and IUGR. I'm praying that this pregnancy is not be as challenged. I'd love to hear from moms who breastfed while pregnant, especially those who may have had some risk factors. Thankful that I have a lot of frozen milk, but hoping to get up to what my daughter needs on a daily basis.

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    Default Re: Painful latch not improper...surprise* i'm pregnant

    Congratulations on the pregnancy, mama! I hope you have a much easier experience this time around.

    It sounds like you're still trying to build up your milk supply, correct? If so, you should probably be aware that somewhere around 80% of women lose some or all milk supply during pregnancy. So if you start seeing a diminution in supply or your baby's weight gain, you probably need to start breaking out some of that stored milk, and maybe some formula as well.

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